Give a Heart-Shaped Pizza now with FREE chocolates at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo

I can't eat those roses. I prefer pizzas over chocolates and it would be so romantic to have a Heart-Shaped Pizza this Valentines. Angels Pizza Pasta Combo now with new flavour Pizza Overload brings the perfect pizza this Season of Love. Available on thin crust only, Angels Pizza's Heart-Shaped Pizza offers a variety of flavours now with three FREE Cadbury chocolates (30g) for only Php599. 
Pizza Overload had an overload of toppings. I was so happy having a crunchy bite of freshly-made dough topped with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers,mushrooms, pineapple, ham, pepperoni, olives with such hefty amount of cheese to give that dream of oozing bite of heaven a reality. The sweetness of the veggies with the salty and tasty cheese and meat toppings completed my dream of a heavenly pizza. I was too happy with the ingredients evenly distributed from end to end of the heart. Chicken Aloha will also be a great choice as it gives you the freedom to savour the chicken meat fillet with cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms and pineapple at every bite. It's the aroma of the pizza that'll set your mood to indulge enjoying this special occasion with your loved one. I have a constant relationship with myself and since I'm celebrating Valentine's Day alone, I've made the right choice of treating myself Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Heart-Shaped Pizza. Best to wrap that romantic dinner now with three FREE Cadbury (30g) chocolates to say I love you. It's the perfect ending to the perfect romantic pizza dinner brought by the Angels. This would be my choice of best romantic Valentine dinner and it's only Php599! Order your own Heart-Shaped Pizza because your family and your loved ones deserve to celebrate. Promo runs until Feb. 28 only so hurry and call 922-2222 or online via Delivery is free of charge and you get 25% off on all pizza purchase at a limited time only. For more information, please visit and follow @angelspizza on Twitter and Instagram for more promos and updates.