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 How hard is it for a man and a woman to have no closures? I have my own story to tell but the trailer that struck us all last Christmas' must've seen how important it is to express those words in Star Cinema's Valentine romance drama Starting Over Again. Those words that kept us excited for the movie were discussed to the bloggers last Friday by award-winning director Olivia M. Lamasan, writer Carmi Raymundo with the stars Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado and Toni Gonzaga (who came late because of TV series Home Sweetie Home). It's so hard to get the message across when paths drifted apart and I couldn't begin to blurt my own emotions of unrequited love and no closures to Direk Olive Lamasan. From a social media site of sending messages of heartbreak in the future to a story most experienced by many, it is indeed difficult to express everything to the concerned from fear of its consequences.
According to Direk (Inang) Olive and Ms. Carmi, the movie was supposed to be a romcom from the storycon but the story had to evolve realizing what important decisions the characters had to take from the conflicts and circumstances. Star Cinema seems effective at creating stories following the characters they've made from stories that come from real people. It was that popular "I Love You Piolo" ad that evolved to "I Love You sir Marco" and how the student-teacher relationship failed that sprung the love story to captivate the hearts of men today. Everyone's anticipating for this movie from the first time the trailer was shown last Christmas. 
Piolo shared to us that he has no personal experience similar to Marco being left and he had to study his character really well to execute the best performance. Iza Calzado teased us on what scenes to watch out for in the film concurred by Piolo as "sexy" (referring to the love scenes). When I was given the chance to ask how the teacher became a chef in the character of Piolo, Direk Olive Lamasan and Ms. Carmi said it was the break-up and Marco had to go through the changes evolving to a more mature and patient chef. I was also wondering how my ex had changed all these years and if I had something to do with some of those decisions he had made. 
I know I cannot be Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) running after they guy I love or I may have not met the guy worth the fight. Would you run after the guy that got away? Piolo said it depends if you love the guy that much and if the guy is worth fighting for. It felt good knowing I've made the best decision years ago but I'm also wondering what Ginny had done. It's really exciting to watch Starting Over Again and I'm sure we have so much expressions to recall from this movie starting Feb. 12 at all cinemas nationwide. Joining the cast are Joross Gamboa, Brian Santos, Beauty Gonzales, Edgar Allan Guzman and Cai Cortez. Let's all learn if it's possible to unlove that person and unwrite the past starting next week at all cinemas nationwide. Visit http://starcinema.abs-cbn.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema and follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.