Review: Direk Elwood Perez and Atty. Vince Tañada's #Otso

Watching movies to think used to be my cup of tea. Very often in my youth did I search for movies to make me think. A reflection on how a scriptwriter and a director creates a masterpiece was shown in Direk Elwood Perez's Otso. Starring award-winning director and stage actor Atty. Vince Tañada and his Philippine Stagers Foundation actors and actresses, Otso is a black and white movie with black and white story. Not a movie for those who wish to be entertained, the social issues reflected on the 3Gs (guns, goons and gold) which involved a politician and how a struggling writer tries to create a romantic scene out of chaos will take you to deep thoughts on which climax the movie will feature. Towards the progression of the film, the romance turned to erotic scenes that'll make you think how the character of the legendary Anita Linda is Alice Lake. In between the twists that will make you connect the dots the ghost of his past crawls as he continues to finish the script (which he did not). It is dark as black showing a plot that is not suitable to general audiences, suicide from unrequited love and insanity will confuse you with scenes of Vangie Labalan seducing the main character. The message was clear towards the end that an adopted child will certainly have issues on trust and contentment. Direk Elwood Perez was too clever to have included lines that will answer the clamour of the movie critic mentioning Direk Brillante Mendoza particularly on the scriptwriter/main character being rejected. It paid gratitude to the icon of indie films, Direk Brillante Mendoza and while I've related some scenes to Hollywood's "Being John Malkovich" and Tom Cruise's "Vanilla Sky", the Pinoy culture and poverty stood out. There isn't hope for the poor and struggling writer and that's the most astounding message it spoke to me. This movie is a must-watch for writers in search of inspiration and how each pleasant face can get dark after much ado about circumstances. It was a black and white movie full of colourful twists. Let the colours of the darkness inspire you to bring light in cinemas.