Event: #WeChatPH 5.1 upgrade is now available, #oneappsomanywaystochat #moregames #morestickers

If Candy Crush is has too many annoying bugs it stops, get your matching skills to beat your friends with new #WeChatPH 5.1 version game Craz3 Match. I won with the highest score in this game at the bloggers launch of WeChat Philippines 5.1 version at Makati Shangrila Hotel last Thursday night. I've had WeChat app for chat with friends abroad since last year enjoying their stickers. Developed by Tencent Technologies, WeChat with 5.1 was too convenient trying to look busy in front of meetings as it has too many ways to look for chat friends. I really enjoyed their Shake, Hold Together, Scan QR Code and other neat options to chat with strangers if the meetings at school bores me. Now with 5.1 version, WeChat developed three more games and more to come aside from the FREE Pencil Pilot game I love to play. Aside from their Craz3 Match, WeChat also has versions of matching games and that adventure game Gunz Dash, 2 Day's Match, 
Tencent Technologies Chief Software Architect Mr. Steve Zheng explained to us the possibilities WeChat can offer to users in the Philippines. In other parts of the globe, WeChat had become the means for purchasing vendo products like drinks and other goodies for users-on-the-go. I'd probably love that you don't need to bring cash and just flash your QR Code to get those drinks in public places. I hope this becomes a reality in the Philippines. WeChat also had campus tours introducing the app to students available on Android and Apple App Store. I had a great time using WeChat and like what I've said, what if the soul-mate you're looking for is just out there shaking his phone to get a serendipity chance to meet you? This is actually possible. Download your WeChat now at www.wechat.com. WeChat can also be downloaded at Apple App, Google Play, Windows Phone, Nokia S40, OS 5.0, OS 6.0 and above, Symbian and Blackberry. For more information please visit www.wechat.com and follow WeChat Philippines on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WechatPH