Event: #TheLegalWife bloggers conference with #AngelLocsin #MajaSalvador and #JCDeVera

Will there be more Angel-Maja photo memes when #TheLegalWife starts airing on Jan. 27? ABS-CBN's newest drama "The Legal Wife" starring Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador seemed predictable from the teasers previously shown creating buzz and photo memes with netizens. The full trailer will show a different perspective and the movie-like plot created by Henry King Quitain.
Shown during the bloggers conference with JC De Vera, Maja Salvador, Angel Locsin and Henry Quitain, we were surprised that the impression from the teasers showed a different story and focus. It wasn't completely about the catfight of the two beautiful leading ladies of ABS-CBN. We were also surprised at the announcement on Maja Salvador (playing Nikole) will be so daring from the pilot episode. According to Angel Locsin, it's going to be so exciting because they've shot scenes like a movie. The plot thickens as the viewers get excited from the pilot episode. 
The story will focus on Monica (Angel Locsin) as the title suggest but how she gets the title Legal Wife will be unveiled only after a few weeks. Maja was confident even at questions on relating the same issue with her personal life while Angel seemed grateful to the bloggers for the support. Towards the end, the two leading stars of The Legal Wife seemed to have enjoyed the conference they threw lines from the teleserye and acted on their characters to excite everyone. The event concluded with the cast members inviting the viewers to watch The Legal Wife directed by Rory Quintos and Dado Lumibao on ABS-CBN on Jan. 27, 2014 after Got To Believe. When the TV press and some members of the press interviewed one-on-one, that's when Angel started crying rushing to the CR. Apparently, she blurted a pent-up emotion towards Luis Manzano. More reasons for all of us to watch The Legal Wife starting January 27, 2014. Why is Monica (Angel Locsin) The Legal Wife? Will the title legal wife affect the morality of the characters? Let's all find out starting January 27, 2014 on ABS-CBN.