Event: #RobinPadilla and #MarielPadilla Bloggers Conference for #SaNgalanNgAmaInaAtMgaAnak @StarCinema

This is the return of Philippine action movies. Mariel Padilla described the family of her husband Robin as "Meet The Fockers" when she joined the bloggers conference of Star Cinema's Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak at Star Cinema office last Saturday. Robin and Mariel shared stories about how they made Star Cinema and RCP Productions' "Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak". I was able to ask how they have learned about the story of Kuratong Baleleng which according to Robin was a symbol for Muslim of the darling bell used in Ozamis signifying the woman and the man in proper coordination. The couple still so sweet and romantic after years of marriage was excited about the said movie that took three years to finish.  
Truth be told, the darling bell in the past was used by women to signal an enemy approaching (referring to the bandits who swarm the village robbing houses of goods and produce). This particular indigenous Filipino culture in Mindanao became the name of the group founded by Ongkoy Parojinog (played by Robin Padilla). Since the spread of the story of how the Parojinog family kept and provided shelter to the rebels and served as robinhood helping the poor communities in Ozamis became known nationwide. Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak movie was about the Parojinog family though Robin Padilla admitted that some parts of the story was commercialized to suit the "entertainment taste" of the public majority. 
Sadly the movie came later than how the name Kuratong Baleleng became famous because of crime group once using it in the 90s. Star Cinema stressed that it has nothing to do with the previous case of Lacson who used the name of the group. Robin Padilla however said the said case made it difficult for them to finish the film because of the court prohibitions and some members of the family are still alive and in governance of Ozamis today. 
Mariel Padilla shared her most unforgettable experience on how she was able to perform well as a mother having no children in real life. She narrated that having the Parojinog family relatives joining the scene crying even after the scene was shot gave her much emotion to execute the proper acting. The two were hilarious and cute as a couple sharing how each particularly contributed to the welfare of the family. 
Towards the end, the couple paid gratitude to the bloggers who attended supporting Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak. To my surprise, Robin mentioned that the real Ongkoy preserved and miraculously not decomposing will be shown in the movie. This was the reason why Robin was moved to agree making this film and this particular Filipino mysticism got every blogger in the room excited to watch Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak. What is the science and the story behind that miraculous corpse of Ongkoy? Let's all watch Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Ng Mga Anak on January 29, 2014 at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit www.starcinema.com.ph and follow updates from Star Cinema's Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema and don't forget to follow @StarCinema on Twitter and Instagram.