Event: Reflecting on Love and Parenting at @BuzzNgBayan Dec. 8, 2013

Don't close the book, just turn the pages. These lines from Ai Ai Delas Alas guesting in Buzz ng Bayan today made me reflect on how each case of local stars were similar to ours. I was still mourning over the death of my grand daughter(congenital heart disease because of parents' age gap) from my niece who fell in love and had our Baby Marie (rest in peace Baby) with a man thrice older than her. She was like Babes of Freddie Aguilar and watching the show live with fellow bloggers couldn't help me get stunned at Freddie seriously considering to have a baby. Maybe he needs to consult a doctor to have a better picture of his wishes celebrating her May-December relationship. As a nation, we easily forgive and forget. We easily move on and accept because the consequences will be suffered by the parties involved not us. Melai Cantiveros married Jayson today and it was Jayson's father who created her gown and the fuss continues. 
Neri Naig and Chito Miranda's case also needs a rest just like that of Boots Anson Roa marrying his own Sir King soon. The public's view now heard at Buzz ng Bayan made a remarkable dynamic shift from the usual Sunday gossip talk show to a sociological learning approach allowing the audience to participate in the discussion with experts. Regardless if the opinions are trivial and nonchalant, the opinion of some are heard and given importance. When given the chance to speak, I could only think of how parents these days are negligent of their children when making decisions about relationships other than the fathers of their kids. Then I remembered my own mother who married an American 15 years after my own father died. I did not remember opposing to their marriage but I remembered not hearing my mom asking our permission which was a bit painful but not to the extent of taking the case against her. I felt awkward every time I'd see her with another man. I still feel awkward now that she has a third husband after the two husbands died. 
I remembered my mom and I remembered my own relationships and watching Ai Ai Delas Alas share the feelings of her own children about her estranged relationship with the last husband, I felt relieved. Like what I've stressed in the show, parents should always consider the feelings of their own children when considering to entertain a new man/woman in their lives. The talk of the hosts Boy Abunda, Carmina Villaroel and Janice De Belen on and off camera was serious like the audience. We are all concerned with the issues of the celebrities because their actions reflect the kind of society we live today. We are all compassionate yet critical individuals and we need to somehow reflect on these issues to decide on our own better. 
Buzz Ng Bayan since its maiden airing established what it seeks to provide the audience - the voice. Guests JC De Vera promoting MMFF 2013 Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy and Ejay Falcon promoting MMFF2013 New Wave Full Feature Saka Saka also joined in the conversation expressing their views like the audience. Buzz ng Bayan kept the buzz going and each case gave memorable learning experiences. True to its name and I will never forget that coincidence of watching issues true to my own. My mom is happy now like my niece. We have to keep the pages turning but we also have to examine each page so the pages need not be torn. Thank you Buzz ng Bayan for the opportunity to learn and reflect on my own life. Watch Buzz Ng Bayan Sundays after Luv U. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buzz-Ng-Bayan-Official and follow @BuzzNgBayan on Twitter and Instagram.