Event: Pilipinas, babangon tayo! - #FirstPinoyAstronaut #ChinoRoque #AxeApollo

Pilipinas, Babangon tayo! These are the words of the first Filipino astronaut to go to space in 2015. At the homecoming event last Monday at Urbn Bar and Restaurant, CrossFit trainer Psychology graduate from Dela Salle University Chino Roque can only think of these words to say when given a chance to speak to the world the experience of being the first Pinoy to experience Axe Philippines' most ambitious campaign that started in 2010. The event hosted by Monster Radio Kikay DJ Gino Quillamor and Axe Brand Ambassador Ramon Bautista interviewed the three Pinoys Ramil Santos, Evan Rey Datuin who were selected from among the 20 others from 120 countries worldwide in Axe Apollo Space Camp in Kennedy Space Center since last month.
The three underwent training experiencing Zero-Gravity Parabolic Flights on board a Boeing 727, Air Combat Training on board a SIAI Marchetti SF 260 and Hypergravity G Force Training. Chino Roque impressed the judges who was according to Axe Brand Manager Gem Laforteza chose to acknowledge the position as the first Filipino astronaut to go to space with Ramil and Evan. Chino was able to get acquainted with Apollo 11 famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin who announced his name during the graduation ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden along with 23 others namely; Patrick Carney (USA), Theo Abbaci-Nel (Canada), Marco Gorrasi (Brazil), Oliver Knight (UK), Felix Stach (DACH),Cyril Garnier (France), Jordi Ollebek(Netherlands),Eduardo Luruena (Spain), Robert Vokal (Slovakia), Denis Efremov (Russia), Halil Kayikci (Turkey),Omar Samra (Egypt), Vinay Singh (India), Takanobu Yoneya (Japan), Rizman Adhi Nugraha (Indonesia), Pirada Techavijit (Thailand), Thanh Long Vu (Vietnam), Tim Gibson (Australia), Hamish Fagg (New Zealand), Tale Sundlisater (Norway), Mandlenkosi Maseko (South Africa), Qing Guo (China) and Daniel Angelo "Chino" Roque (Philippines).
Grateful to fellow Pinoy astronauts for the opportunity, Chino also shared in my exclusive interview on YouTube three things he'll bring to space: a rosary, a Philippine flag and a can of Axe Body Spray. I couldn't help but get excited for him and when asked what his parents said when he brought the big news, Chino said his mom asked him to do confession. Chino will be one historic hero the country will attribute as the true Filipino. A true role model of the most inspiring and compassionate Pinoy who never left any man behind, Chino shared also how he acknowledged prayers as the best habit he chooses to keep even after he leaves for space on 2015.
Thank you Chino for the attitude you have exuded lifting the spirits of the many Pinoys after this year's Yolanda typhoon wrath! I am forever reminded again of how prayer actually works when you've done your best in every endeavor. 
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