Event: Starking Fire Sushi and more than just noodles at #ChefsNoodlePhils

Who says you have to spend a lot for ambiance, presentation and a very hearty Korean meal? Chefs Noodles Philippines brings another feat fit for a King at SM North EDSA now with Starking Fire Sushi. If a big bowl of Bibimpap with iced tea is just too inviting for Php99, get your friends love the Korean cuisine at Chefs Noodle Philippines at The Block, SM North EDSA. I was with fellow foodie bloggers last Friday sampling all the finest dishes at Chefs Noodle Philippines. 
We tried their Leek Shrimp Twigim (Php99) for appetizers while waiting for the others. It's like a leek pancake filled with shrimp goodness in a soft and light tasty batter. The servings are huge and the pack of hungry wolves will immediately be relieved at the first bite. The array of dishes started coming in with Bibimpap, their signature Chef's Noodles, Chapchae and more pancakes. I had to order my favorite street food in Korea to go with my Bibimpap, Spicy Tokpokki served in a beautiful bowl good to share for more than 5. It was that Kochujang (Sweet Pepper Paste) that made it so perfect and foodie friends were all so happy with my suggestion.
Bibimpap was made more delicious as it was served in a hot pot that creates that smokey slightly-burned bottom. When the whole beautifully presented vegetables were mixed with Kochujang, the taste of the beef slices with the slightly blanched veggies made every bite crunchy, sweet and tasty. It was the Bibimpap I remembered back in college in UP Diliman when my Korean students would brag on how colorful and how delicious their dishes are compared to Filipino dishes. It sent my memories back to my youth when romance and colors made dishes so unforgettable.  
Just like their Chef's Noodles and their Bibimpap with hefty amount of Kochujang, my memories were also spicy and romantic and it made me feel more confident to recommend  Chef's Noodles to all my friends. When most Pinoys would only remember Korean as Bulgogi, Chef's Noodles invites the soup-loving Pinoys to the spicy Korean noodle feat sans the danger of instant noodles. I thought the photo of the egg stamped with Korean language having the Chef's Noodle signature was just in photo until I tried eating the stamped scrambled eggs on my own bowl of Chef's Noodles. It is spicy, tasty and hearty worth sharing to friends and family who loves good food and good memories. I'd definitely visit again for more of their super tasty and delicious Bibimpap at Php99 with Iced Tea. For more info and reservation, visit https://www.facebook.com/chefsnoodlephils and www.chefsnoodlephils.com