Event: Fat Meals at #FatJuanPH, affordable for every Juan

Fat cravings for Fat Juan? You don't really need to be fat to get a fat meal at Fat Juan. On its first store at SM North Annex, Fat Juan's menu got fatter with more delectable meals to offer the hungry Juan. It was my rare opportunity to experience what most Pinoys these days crave for lunch or dinner in the mall at Fat Juan. In a cozy ambiance that will set your appetite to the rocks, the smell of barbecue ignites the hunger of every Juan passing by. I had a fat hunger and I was immediately greeted by a bowl of Potbelly with a tall glass of Coke Float. 
At Php139 with rice, the Potbelly was what I've expected of it, soft, tender, fall-off-the-bone meaty and tasty pork belly served with sliced boiled egg to complete the experience. I came from Batangas days before and the Humba Pork they serve was way sweeter. What's more satisfying about the meal is the fat sizes of the bowl with Fat Juan's Unlimited Rice for every meal. We were also served their Fat and lean meat Pork BBQ meals, Curry'd Away, Rolly Polly Wrap and Rolly Polly Sweet and Sour. A nibble of each with group of friends will definitely satisfy a pack of hungry wolves after a hard day's work. This is a fastfood for the majority of our working class and we all know most Juans we see everyday. The meal is fat and the servings are fat. The only thing thin and small is the price. Fat Juan's meals are so affordable and it's good to share. I really enjoyed the Rolly Polly Wrap because the vegetables were so crispy and fresh. The Pork BBQ is a must try and their Chicken Curry tasted like authentic Thai yellow curry. I would love to visit again for more of their Curry and their Pork BBQ. Visit Fat Juan at the Upper Ground of SM North Annex across Mang Inasal. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/fatjuanph/ or call 8511407.