Event: Empowered at the #PowerOfTwo with #Charice and #AizaSeguerra

Big voices from small people according to Charice but the big message was sent across all parts of the nation as the two, Charice and Aiza Seguerra rocked the Smart Araneta Coliseum last week. The Power of Two concert was spectacular with jaw-dropping performances participated by Gloc-9 and Abra. There was also a special duet with Charice's girlfriend Alyssa Quejano. From the beginning making people dance with Beatles "Come Together" and Michael Jackson's hits, the crowd paid attention to Vice Ganda seated in front and Maricel Soriano who also danced and sang along with the audience enjoying Charice and Aiza's songs.
While it still felt odd for me seeing Charice in a boyband outfit singing a belting song stretching notes farther than her usual, it was truly entertaining with all the classy graphics and the international dancers back-up. The new album promises more hits to beat the international divas we have today. I could not imagine how a diva would look like in suit and tie but Charice was able to pull it off sending the crowd in screams. Aiza Seguerra was the formidable enigmatic and enchanting voice as ever singing her greatest hits and more. When both singers had their share of the stage, they've joined extending gratitude to those who supported the concert. It was an unforgettable moment seeing the two gag on stage sending more crowd cheering. Charice teased Aiza when the two were teased to kiss on stage. I really enjoyed the songs and the gags. Though it may take longer this time for Charice to get Aiza's charm as a lesbian, I believe Charice will also be accepted just as we have all accepted and learn to love the icon in Aiza. Watch the Unbreakable Tour Power of Two of Aiza Seguerra and Charice soon in your country! For more information, please contact E-Talent Management and Entertainment, Ms. Annabelle Regalado-Borja at 09175750912/09178100975 or email annabs.borja@facebook.com for inquiries.