Event: #BeaAlonzo and #LizaSoberano bloggers conference for #ShesTheOne #StarCinema

Are you waiting for The One? When we need to reflect if we have found The One, it is the best time to watch a movie. From the makers of the most romantic Filipino films, Star Cinema brings Dingdong Dantes, Bea Alonzo and Enrique Gil in She's The One. Before it gets shown in more than 120 cinemas nationwide, Bea Alonzo, Liza Soberano, Direk Mae Cruz, Melai Monge, Anton Sta. Maria, Vanessa Valdez joined the bloggers at Wangfu Chinese Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Friday. 
When asked how the story was created, Ms. Vanessa Valdez shared that they have focused on ordinary characters and observed each to evolve into significant personalities in a love story. Ms. Bea Alonzo was excited to join Dingdong Dantes playing best friend later in rivals with the vibrant and energetic Enrique Gil as the third party in the romance drama. Most Filipinos regard Bea Alonzo as one of the most important actresses of this generation and She's The One will definitely add more laurels to her cap as an icon in Philippine movies. Liza Soberano was polite and innocent at 15 years old also acknowledging the stature Bea Alonzo had made in Philippine cinemas. She may not be ready yet looking for The One but she is ready to get everybody's attention playing the love interest of Enrique Gil in the movie.
It was one story Friday yet fun discussing about romance, love and soulmates with Bea Alonzo, Liza Soberano and the creative team behind Star Cinema's She's The One that made me reflect if I have also thought of The One in my own life. I can't forget what Ms. Vanessa Valdez said that she believes sometimes you have to be The One and not waiting for The One since it takes a man to man up to being The One to be happy. Will Cat (Bea Alonzo) be choosing the younger man (Enrique Gil) or choose her best friend (Dingdong Dantes)? Let's all watch She's The One on Oct. 16, Wednesday at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit www.starcinema.com.ph and follow @StarCinema on Twitter and Instagram.