Event: #MulingBuksanAngPuso Thanksgiving Presscon with #JuliaMontes #EnchongDee and #EnriqueGil

Before the conclusion of ABS-CBN's top-rating primetime TV series "Muling Buksan Ang Puso" on October 4, the cast called for a presscon to thank the viewers and the media last Thursday at 9501 Restaurant, ELJ Bldg., ABS-CBN. It was a coming of age for Julia Montes who evolved as a more mature actress on TV as Sarah in Muling Buksan Ang Puso. As the two brothers Enchong Dee (Leonel) and Enrique Gil (Francis) continue to clash now that secrets unfolds on their family, the gratitude to the continued patronage was given to all who made everything possible for them. Julia Montes will be waiting for the next project from Dreamscape while hardworking Enchong Dee and Enrique Gil proceed to the next teleserye.
Enchong shared how the teleserye made him realize to explore more of his potentials as an actor taking inspiration from Eugene Domingo who once said that every scene should be given the best effort like it will be the last. I was scared at him transforming to a villain as Leonel the desperately longing for love from the family being ignored by mom Cherie Gil and Julia Montes. When I had a chance to ask him if he will entertain darker roles after this teleserye, he immediately responded welcoming more opportunities taking every step whether big or small like it will be his last. Soon Enchong will take after the stand of Christopher De Leon (who also plays his real father in the TV series) in showbiz.
I'm so excited to watch the conclusion and what will happen to Leonel, Francis and Sarah in Muling Buksan Ang Puso this week after "Got To Believe". Don't miss the mall shows and more updates by visiting the Muling Buksan Ang Puso Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/MulingBuksanAngPuso.TV and follow @MBAP_official on Twitter.