Event: Jessy Mendiola's first blogcon for #MariaMercedes on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida this October

Starting October, kids will begin dancing and singing like Jessy Mendiola- our Filipina Maria Mercedes. Part of ABS-CBN's 60 years celebration features stars that brought inspiration to all Pinoys with its newest teleserye sure to teach more children hope and perseverance, Maria Mercedes. It was popular back in the 90s as the Spanish telenovela played by the sexy Thalia. We have witnessed the character unfolding in a new modified Pinoy version with Jessy Mendiola playing Maria Mercedes last Friday at 9501 Restaurant, ABS-CBN compound. In the said bloggers conference attended by Jake Cuenca, Jason Abalos and Ms. Nikki Gil, Jessy Mendiola shared how she was chosen to play the character popularized by Thalia.
It was even more exciting knowing that Thalia showed support to Jessy when she was exclusively talked via Skype last month at ABS-CBN Online. Jessy recently gaining attention from the newest Mcdonald's Hot and Spicy Chicken Burger with Shake Shake Fries TVC, had never changed at all since I've been granted the opportunity to interview her for the movie The Reunion last year. The beautiful and sexy girl who was once mentioned by Direk Rahyan Carlos of Star Magic as member of the public auditionees was personally handpicked by the production team of Maria Mercedes. Just like what Jake Cuenca had mentioned, Jessy perfectly personifies the character of Maria Mercedes, hardworking and passionate. Like Maria Mercedes, Jessy believes in true love and will work hard to make ends meet for the whole family. 
Nikki Gil also shared that there is actually a Maria Mercedes in all of us. Maria Mercedes, contrary to the impression that it will be a sexy teleserye is a story of a girl who will persevere to provide a better life for the family. Unlike the Spanish version, ABS-CBN's remake of Maria Mercedes will redeem the gray and dark characters implying how each had become dark and gray towards the episodes. Nikki Gil didn't mind being tapped as the villain to be against Jessy in the teleserye after seeing that she will be set to play a rich woman to steal the hearts of the men in Maria Mercedes life. Maria Mercedes and Jessy Mendiola will inspire more of the youth today to dream and keep working hard for it. Thank you Jessy and I am truly surprised at your beautiful singing voice! So let's not miss the teleserye next month on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. Get more updates on the timeslot and more information about Maria Mercedes by visiting www.abs-cbn.com and follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.