Review: Pains of a mom at #VilmaSantos' #Ekstra

Imagine how painstaking it is for a single mom bit player strut all types of tricks to get roles to earn enough for her daughter's tuition fee? I've laughed hard and cried at the end of Star Cinema's Cinemalaya 2013 award-winning "Ekstra" (The Bit Player) last Saturday at Trinoma sponsored by Vilma Santos Solid International Inc. An hour before the show, fans of Batangas Gov.Vilma Santos-Recto, the Star For All Seasons flocked the Trinoma Cinema lobby wearing yellow and black shirts marked "Ekstra" excited at the block screening. A few minutes later, Janice De Belen with her kids showed up to line up and soon after, the Best Actress of Cinemalaya 2013, Vilma Santos graced the crowd cheering for her. The movie for some was cut short as the ending seemed to have unfinished business. However, I found it truly appealing the female majority especially the mothers as it centers on the story of Loida (Vilma Santos) trying to accept as much role as she can as the bit player to suffice the tuition fee requirements of her daughter ( a cameraman who impregnated her when she started as Ekstra). It broke my heart to see every child rejected by the talent coordinator (Josie) who may have been not a fictional character because I've met a talent coordinator with the same name when I was young. Invited to play as the crowd at Sharon Cuneta's movie in the 90s, I've felt the same excitement and pain Vilma did at Ekstra. It was quite a career I thought I would never want to pursue after that experience. The movie made me reminisced the pains of shooting a movie and made me realize how it is so difficult to create an episode of a teleserye. What's interesting about the movie is that all of the characters are all real bit players except Vilma Santos. As the lead star who plays the role of a bit player in a movie, Vilma Santos will melt your heart towards the end. I truly loved the last scene and I've related the same experience every stressful day at work trying to eat the food you brought home to your child. Each bite was just too difficult to swallow when you have worked so hard to get to your goal. Vilma Santos once again proved that she is the Best Actress. Like what she always said, "No role is small as each character/each Ekstra contributes to the success of every scene". Watch Star Cinema's "Ekstra" still showing at all cinemas nationwide. For more information and updates, visit, like and follow @StarCinema on Twitter and Instagram.