Event: "Inspiration sparks hope. Hope sparks action. Action sparks change" - Filipino Pride,Jonathan Yabut, FIRST Apprentice Asia

The Filipino is the best apprentice in Asia. Jonathan Allen Yabut, a former senior product manager of GSK Philippines who was familiar to my students being a member of UP Debate Society was hailed as the FIRST Apprentice Asia of AXN Asia by Tony Fernandes, President of Air Asia airlines. The announcement of the Apprentice Asia Finale attended by selected members of the press at Hyve Bar, The Fort BGC last night was exciting since Jonathan Yabut together with fellow Filipino Apprentice Asia contestant Celina Le Neindre were so quiet following an NDA (no disclosure agreement)with the whole production after the taped show in Malaysia. Since the bloggers conference last month, I've watched every episode of Apprentice Asia and the breath-taking task given to his team against Andrea Yu of Singapore in the finale.
Before the live-viewing of the finale episode at the Hyve Bar, Air Asia Philippines announced its Php88 promo fare to all destinations at terms and mechanics posted in www.airasia.com. After the introduction of the contestants who joined the live-viewing party, raffle prizes and buffet were enjoyed by the media participants. Since the last episode (part 1 of the Finale) where Team Andrea and Team Jonathan were tasked to hoist a charity auction event to the Air Asia Trustee Board members, I've already felt that Jonathan may win considering his calm and organized system of dealing with his fellow team mates. Last night, when the part 2 of the Finale showed the auction event, we've seen how important it was for the leader of the team to show confidence and optimism. Team Jonathan may have put up a standee with logo and sign that seemed negative showing a statement with double negatives, the execution of the auction proved more effective and pleasing to the participants. It was Jonathan's appropriate use of expressions. It was his confidence and his articulation that made everyone happy during the event. Team Andrea may have raised more money with her team's auction of Air Asia President's prized collection but her inability to properly organize the execution of the auction to the Trustees made us believe that Team Jonathan will nail it.
Soon after when Jonathan delivered his final acknowledgment, he made me and all the Filipinos proud by his words of encouragement: "Inspiration sparks hope. Hope sparks action. Action sparks change". These lines will definitely remain in the hearts of all who watched the first Apprentice Asia. When it was time for Tony Fernandes to give his final message during the last Board Room with Mark Lankester of Tune Hotels and Kathleen Tan of Expedia Asia, it was hard to blink holding my breath to who will he fire and get hired. A few minutes later, he said the magic words and hired Jonathan Yabut as his first apprentice winning a one-year contract in Air Asia with a whooping six-figure salary job at Fernandes' airline. Jonathan bested other eleven finalists being the FIRST Apprentice Asia and made everyone at the Hyve Bar screamed last night in joy. Thank you Jonathan for making us all proud. In his speech he acknowledged everyone who supported him and said that it was those moments when he felt Filipinos are bullied everywhere driving him to really do his best in Apprentice Asia. Congratulations to Jonathan Yabut and Celina Le Neindre together with fellow Team Jonathan members who made our Pinoy win in this prestigious event. Special thanks to Air Asia, Expedia, Tune Hotels, Devant, PR Asia and AXN Asia for the opportunity to witness this historic event. For more information about Apprentice Asia, visit www.axn-asia.com. Be the next Apprentice Asia and keep making Filipinos the best Apprentice!