Event: A day of Fun, Games and Surprises at #ThunderbirdsResortRizal with bloggers

 I've always wondered how to play games in the casino. With fellow lifestyle bloggers just before typhoon #LabuyoPH struck last week, I joined in the fun field trip at Thunderbirds Resort Rizal realizing what my mom and my sister was into for so many years. The day started with the buffet of delectable food choices at the main event center of Thunderbirds Resorts Rizal in Binangonan. Upon entrance, the facade of breath-taking nature put everyone in bliss. I have forgotten the stress of computing grades and deadlines when we were treated with fresh orange juice adorned with pulp slices and variety of pate. After a few helpings of the tomato basil pate and tuna pate, we entered the room that was designed as named the Classroom. The first task was to live blog and publish an article in just 15 minutes. After the introduction of casino rules and basics, we were given instructions to follow the guides inside the casino to learn Baccarat and tour the whole place.  
I belonged to the Team Orange we proudly called Orangegutan setting the fun mood. Although we were just eight compared to the other teams with ten members, we had fun touring the whole resort and posed at photos for fun. When it was time for our team to play Slots, I used my free Php100 voucher and chose to play the game with fruits. A number of spins later I was surprised that I was able to make the lights flicker and win Php405. I was too scared to lose the money so I pressed collect and given a voucher which my team members exchanged for cash. We proceeded to Baccarat tables after and completed the tour of the casino facilities which included new Karaoke rooms and Poker Tables and more restaurants for the players to enjoy. 
By the time we were served lunch and snacks, I've become excited at the vouchers we received winning third place among the three groups. I've realized the thrills of playing slots and card tables and I've become more excited when some of the other players not from the bloggers group joined our pack. I've realized how important it is to play casino games with friends instead of being alone. Although it may be a recluse to the senior citizens who need a life from their hard work, I still prefer to play with friends because the games may bee too addictive that without anyone coaching to give you a second thought, you'd be hooked to gamble everything you have. It was an unforgettable experience and I know that I'd be more confident to play and win now that Thunderbirds Resort Rizal offers a raffle (Aug. 31, 2013) of a 2013 Honda Vios Car. They also have this dirt-cheap great deal eat-all-you can for only Php299. Thunderbirds Resort Rizal invites all to play Double Down to practice before the gamble at http://www.thunderbird-asia.com/playforfun. Register using your Facebook and store points for a chance to win real cash soon. For more information, promo and updates, visit http://www.thunderbird-asia.com