Review: The Phiippine Stagers Foundation takes a stand in Bonifacio:Isang Sarswela play

We mock at will and most often our reactions shape the reactions of the majority leading to ignorance. The Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), the multi-awarded theater group behind the all-original Filipino musicals like "Ako Si Ninoy", "Cory ng EDSA" and "Joe: The Filipino Rocksical" staged "Bonifacio: Isang Sarswela" last Friday at the Tanghalang Pasigueño. I had the privilege to watch with fellow entertainment blogger friends witnessing what PSF had continued in its legacy- fierce adaptation of what many fear to thread. Historical plays particularly staging an original "sarswela" in schools usually get cold shoulders when they should ideally promote otherwise. PSF takes a bold adaptation this time with "Bonifacio: Isang Sarswela". The lights and the all-original Filipino musical of Atty. Vince Tañada playing Andres Bonifacio will get you glued to understanding how the Filipino hero was underrated and ignored in Philippine culture. I have watched Supremo the indie film about the same hero starring Hon. Alfred Vargas III last year and have appreciated the reality of history that shaped the Filipino culture we have all imbibed - indifference to nationalists like Bonifacio whom many regard as the better National Hero compared to Rizal. Cindy Liper playing Gregoria De Jesus -"Oryang" was not killed towards the end and I've noted the importance of Emilio Jacinto played by Patrick Libao and his relationship with the Supremo. Jordan Ladra playing Emilio Aguinaldo surprised me towards the end of the stage play and I've began to reflect on how he particularly showed facial expressions since most of his photos were that of blank, nonchalant mood. What was most intriguing was the fact that GMA News TV had shown a documentary about the ancestors of both Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio still showing enmity and unwillingness to meet each other in person at present. The history that shaped our culture and that particular fact that taught the Filipino about betrayal and true love for the country in history books glorified the magnanimity of Aguinaldo when Bonifacio should've been promoted. I hope more schools will adopt and show this play for better appreciation of history and Filipino culture. Find out what we all missed understanding the story of our underrated national hero with PSF's Bonifacio: Isang Sarswela still showing on July 27, Saturday (8am, 11am and 2pm) at Cinema 1 SM Centerpoint Manila and on July 28, Sunday (8am, 11am and 2pm) at Tanghalang Pasigueño Pasig City. For more information and inquiries contact their publicist Jude Cartalaba at +639273913447. For ticket sales and show schedules, contact Elaince Coronel at +639272009225 and Chris Lim at +639174770452.