#FigaroCoffeeHQ's #KapeIndochine is perfect with #TableaBlackoutCake or #BlueVelvetCake

Coffee and cake is perfect on these rainy days. I've decided to visit Figaro Tomas Morato branch this Sunday with a co-teacher to quench our thirst for coffee and stories about teaching. Figaro's new delectable chocolate fantasy cake called "Tablea Blackout Coffee" (Php115) and "Blue Velvet Cake" (Php110) were new cakes on the side and we did not hesitate to try both with our choice of coffee, "Kape Indochine". 
 Tablea Blackout Cake was moist dark chocolate chiffon with dark chocolate mousse and dark chocolate crumbs on top. It wasn't so sweet as I've expected and the tablea flavor on the cake and the icing made it slight bitter yet sweet at every bite. It was the dark chocolate dream come true and it made us remember how we have missed eating chocolate cake and how it had always been the comfort food after every stressful issue at school. My co-teacher John Paul loved the Blue Velvet Cake - rich moist blue velvet cake made of white chocolate and white chocolate icing punctuated with Blueberry syrup on top. For a non-chocolate lover, the Blue Velvet Cake made him come out of the closet and confessed all his secrets after. 
All the stories on his sexuality and the fear of what he should focus ahead became stronger with Figaro's strong Kape Indochine - an Indonesian blend of Barako coffee mixed with condensed milk. The perfect jolt to every inhibition my friend had kept all these years, Figaro's Kape Indochine made me remember my childhood when my grandmother used to mix brewed Batangas Barako coffee with condensed milk. Sometimes it takes a cake and a coffee to make everything clear. When life brings you down, it's chocolate with endorphins to bring that smile back and a kick from the strong Barako in Figaro's Kape Indochine you need to get your senses back. It was a perfect cake and coffee with a perfect friend to share it with and Figaro never fails to bring surprises each time. Have a Tablea Blackout Cake or a Blue Velvet Cake with Kape Indochine now available at all Figaro branches and kiosks nationwide. For more information visit www.figarocoffee.com , like their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow @figarocoffeeHQ on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram for more promos and updates.