Exclusive: David Pomeranz continues the serenade with Got To Believe (You're The Inspiration) Philippine Tour in Visayas and Mindanao, prepares for a new album

The voice behind the man of my dreams. I have not met the man of my dreams yet but the voice behind the songs that gave me the idea what I've been longing to hear from my man was David Pomeranz, the international singer who had always made us reminisce our prom night. Meeting the voice behind the songs, "Got To Believe in Magic", "King And Queen of Hearts", "On This Day", "Born For You", "If You Walk Away" and more international hits recently released his album made in the Philippines, "You're the Inspiration" under Media Nation Music. It was a rare opportunity meeting him again after his Got To Believe (You're the Inspiration) Philippine Tour in the South: Dipolog, Pagadian, Iligan, Valencia, Butuan, Ormoc, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran and San Carlos. After seeing him appear on national TV making more Filipinos feel like it's prom night all over again, he mentioned that he had seen a lot of beautiful places and met a lot of amazing fans in the South. 
From Dipolog where he was received with more than 10,000 fans and other parts of the country screaming and singing along with his songs, he had tried Ziplining for the first time. visited our national hero Jose Rizal's hometown Dapitan and had experienced eating Durian more than we had showing his love back to the country. In my short interview, he showed so much awe at how beautiful the country is and shame started creeping in my system since I've not explored those parts of the country yet like he did. He was happy to have met some who have not even gone to any concert in their lives. 
Little did he know that he inspires too many with his songs. He has no idea that at moments that when the day is just too stressful at work with leaders giving daily tasks of the day, I usually burn the moment singing "On This Day" and surprisingly the crowd reacts constantly continuing to sing his song. We all know his beautiful songs and we all love him for sharing the inspiration to us. I've missed sharing that there were times that I wanted to sing along to those beautiful romantic songs that I'd drag my friends to videoke just to sing it. Between the stories of what he had seen during his tour and the food that he tried in those provinces, I've mustered to ask how he was able to compose some and what inspired him to write it. 
He said that he wrote "On This Day" together with a friend who wrote their thoughts before they both got married. Women like me would appreciate their man expressing feelings just like David wrote "Been rehearsing for this moment of my life" in the refrain of "On This Day". These words surely melt anyone's heart on their wedding day (that's why his songs are the wedding anthems of the Filipinos) and I've began to wonder how he wrote the other songs. Before he left for recording songs for his new album that day, he said "If You Walk Away" was a song he wrote for his first wife. The relationship did not work although he tried to save it. Giselle Sanchez sang this along with him during their Dipolog gig. 
I have so much admiration that I was able to say how much I love him and how I wanted him to stay in the country forever. David Pomeranz is the voice behind the man of my dreams, the voice behind the songs I've been longing to hear from a man showed me how much I needed to love my country. His discipline at work inspires me like his appreciation for music and my country. Filipinos have a lot to learn about loving the country and loving music. David rekindled the meaning of inspiration and he will continue the inspiration in more shows this week, July 26, 2013 at KCC Mall in General Santos City, July 27, 2013 at Capiz Gymn Roxas City and July 28, 2013 at New City Hall, Tagum City Davao. I hope to see him more on TV and be inspired everyday. Would you not want to recall those tunes from prom night and feel romance everyday? Grab a copy of his latest album, "You're the Inspiration" available at www.mymusicstore.com.ph and AstroVision branches nationwide. Thank you very much Mam Annabelle Regalado-Borja of EtAlEnt Talent and Entertainment for the opportunity.