Event: #Tuhog2013 is a must-watch #blackcomedy drama of #SkylightFilms and #StarCinema showing on July 17!

The Filipinos deserve watching intelligent black comedy drama like Skylight Films and Star Cinema's Tuhog. Exciting revelations and surprises were unveiled on the characters and the story of Skylight Films and Star Cinema's newest black comedy "Tuhog" with the main stars, Eugene Domingo, Enchong Dee, Leo Martinez, Jake Cuenca, Empress with the writers and director Veronica Velasco last Sunday at the Dolphy Theater ABS-CBN
The stars anticipated a comedy when Direk Enrico Santos offered the film but to their surprise a black comedy drama that changed their life and inspired them to appreciate what they actually have. The grand press conference gave Eugene Domingo playing Fiesta, an irate bus conductor the chance to squeal how Jake Cuenca playing the bus driver gave them the creeps driving a bus in the busy Commonwealth Avenue. She was hilarious also addressing the fans of Enchong Dee who plays Caloy, the young man who preserves his virginity for his long distance girlfriend Empress. Leo Martinez also made me laugh that night expressing similar feelings on his character as Tonio, the very confused retired man. Although he felt different because in real life, he had actually done what he had been passionate about which is acting on different genres of movies and television shows, some hilarious scenes he played was also similar to his own. 
I became excited over the fact that movie-goers will have the chance to reflect on who should live after getting into the screwing accident. It became more interesting interviewing Direk Enrico Santos after the presscon who personally asked me what questions I've missed about the story. Since I've posted the teasers and the trailer two weeks ago, I've constantly shared it to all of my friends and to all the people I've met to inspire them about how it would actually make them reflect on their own lives. Everyone who listened became excited about Tuhog and asked when it will be shown on cinemas. 
Direk Enrico had no idea that I've almost shed a tear listening to the cast's reflections about the movie. Have we been living a life ruled by our struggles and have we kept ignoring the passion lurking from within? I have also reflected on my own goals if I have missed crossing an item in my bucket list after the presscon. I am constantly faced with many Caloys itching to explore virginity being a school teacher and I have been working with so many Fiesta working and teaching in school with no soul. I would not want to be a Tonio who worked until retirement realizing that his passion is elsewhere. Tuhog is a must-watch and we should all watch it showing on all cinemas starting July 17, 2013. For more information visit https://starcinema.com.ph and like https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema and follow @StarCinema on Twitter.