Event: JCI-QC Capitol holds its first Women's Basic Self Defense Seminar

Be street smart. I've learned a lot realizing the basics of avoiding snatchers, holdapers and rapists from attending JCI-QC Capitol's first seminar on Women's Basic Self Defense with Former US Army Specialist Salvador Mabasa Jr. last Saturday at JCI-QC Capitol Bldg. Quezon City. It was always the dilemma of my co-teachers having a bad experience getting their wallets and gadgets snatched every month after salary. Reflecting on Mr. Mabasa's session guides, I've realized how we have all taken street smart tips for granted. Junior Chamber International or Jaycees in Quezon City thought of the genius idea to address the women undergoing stress and trauma daily in the streets. It was the world's largest leadership development organization for young people JCI-QC Capitol's first project to address women empowerment in partnership with Women's Crisis Center who also participated during the said seminar on Women's Basic Self Defense.
Considering the increasing number of rape cases and sexual violence of women in the Philippines the need to empower women through R.A. 9262 brought JCI-QC Capitol's attention to provide a short course on self-defense for women. Lesson One on Street Smarts was the most important because too many women are just simply busy with so many conditions and circumstances that they are always indifferent making them prey to all these bad elements of the society. It is indeed important to be aware of your surroundings. Lesson 2 was showing and reiterating the power of the pressure points on the body that cause a great deal of pain when pressed on struck making your perpetrator powerless. Lesson 3 was Stretching Safely to perfectly practice and increase flexibility to improve the range of motions you can apply at dangerous circumstances. Lesson 4 was all about Basic Self Defense which the participants truly appreciated. Mr. Mabasa showed through a demo on basic self defense any woman can practically do without any formal training in martial arts. The last lesson was the Pepper Spray which is the last resort of women to fight against the dogs snatchers and rapists. I really wish they'd bring the seminar to public schools to better reiterate to the teachers how important it is to be street smart. When everything seems hopeless, it's always the best to give all your belongings because your life is more important than all those material things. I've learned a lot and more with JCI-QC Capitol's Women's Basic Self Defense seminar.