Event: @AngelsPizzaPH new Chicken Parmigiana and more

It's chicken and it's pizza. Angels Pizza Pasta Combo recently launched their newest pizza flavor- Chicken Parmigiana. Available in Thin and Thick Crust in freshly-made dough, Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken Parmigiana is a cheesy, chewy and tasty pizza topped with marinated chicken bits, fresh tomatoes and green bell pepper slices on culinary cream sauce with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses for that satisfying and delicious pizza experience. I loved that the sweetness of the fresh tomatoes and green bell peppers complimented the salty and tasty chicken and cheese.  
I tried both thin and thick at the bloggers launch last Thursday and considering that the flavors and the toppings were crunchy and the white culinary cream sauce was better with chewy freshly-made dough, I preferred it thick. It was also the same night we were told that Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Pizza Club card can now be availed at Php299 with freebies like those we have availed from other pizza joints. Free pizzas, birthday freebies and discounts at purchases good for one year.
Angels Pizza now offers a promo of a Globe Tattoo Sonic Broadband Stick for FREE. Simply purchase a Big Family Pizza (any flavor) and earn a sticker. Get all 12 stickers and claim your FREE Globe Tattoo Sonic Broadband Stick. What was more surprising was Angels Pizza soon to have its online delivery at www.angelspizza.com.ph. Aside from their hotline 922-22-22, Angels Pizza can now be ordered online. Have a Calzone, Pasta Pizza, Big Family Pizza or Potato Tots if the Buffalo Wings will not be enough to feed your hunger today at www.angelspizza.com.ph. For more updates please like the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/angelspizzapastacombo