Event: Watching the Man of Steel sponsored by Jollibee, now with Man of Steel Collectible Treats

Superman movie will always get everyone visit the theaters. Jollibee sponsored a special screening of the Warner Bros. Pictures' Man of Steel last Wednesday, the 12th of June, Philippine Independence Day at the Mall of Asia Cinema 5. Superman enthusiasts including me and my blogger friends enjoyed the movie with collectible treats now available at all langhap-sarap Jollibee stores nationwide. We had burgers and drinks while watching Henry Cavill become the Superman we've missed watching all these years. It was surprising to watch Kevin Costner and Diane Lane play the foster parents of Clark Kent who in real life is the son of Russel Crowe from the planet Krypton. I really enjoyed watching the movie with my friends who also shared the Man of Steel Chicken Joy Bucket with me after. 
Jollibee's exclusive Man of Steel branded Bucket Treats come in Php575 with 8pcs of crispylicious and juicylicious Chicken Joy in a limited edition Man of Steel themed-bucket along with 4 cups of rice, 4 regular drinks and 4 Milo Mix-ins. You can also grab the 6pcs at Php335 and the 8pc bucket solo at Php429. Aside from the buckets starting May 22 to June 30, 2013, you can also bring home your kids favorite super heroes in Jollibee Kids Meal

Get this Action Finder to make your kids watch as Superman saves the world by simply choosing among the cards to place inside the drawer and tilt up and down to see the image change. 

Get them also the Disc Blaster by loading the discs and press the trigger to set them zooming across the room. They'll also enjoy the Hero Launcher setting Superman on the base and press lever to send him shooting to the skies. Each toy is available starting June 1 free with every Jollibee Kids Meal Regular Yum Meal (Php80), Spaghetti Meal (Php82) or one-piece Chickenjoy Meal (Php99). 
The teens and the young-at-heart will definitely want to have Jollibee's Man of Steel Tumbler only Php50 with every purchase of any Jollibee Burger or Sandwich Value Meals. The 600mL Metal Tumbler comes with a classic Superman logo design sure to get everyone excited about the movie while enjoying your favorite drink. Best thing about all these Man of Steel Collectible Treats from Jollibee is that you can have them delivered at home at 8-7000 or order your favorite langhap-sarap meals online at www.jollibeedelivery.com. For more info about the Man of Steel movie by Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Legendary Pictures, visit www.man-of-steel.co.uk