Event: Be #Ystilized in school at #YstiloSalon: Interview with #StarMagic2013's Alexander Diaz and Jules Estrada

Are you ready for school?  It was my second time covering Ystilo Salon's bloggers event at Greenhills last Thursday. With StarMagic 2013 Jules Estrada and Alexander Diaz who shared stories about their life and passions in showbiz, Ystilo Salon offers new styling services for boys and teens perfect for back-to-school
Jules Estrada, who looked like his mom Precy, son of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada reminded me of my own son. He's as "makulit" playing with things loving to scare for fun just like most affectionate teenagers these days. And just like my son who'd love to have his hairstyle fixed with that don't-mess-with-my-hair-or-else-I-kill-you look, he is very specific with the cut and style. When I asked him how long he will keep the 1Direction hairstyle look, he said until a new fashionable trendy look outshines the former, he'd keep it til he's convinced to look better. His father preferred him to have a crew cut hairstyle to which his mother opposed. He is really like my son, growing his own preferences on things. And just like most moms, it's not an easy reality we face to accept. 
 Alexander Diaz was more outspoken. With bolder image sporting a hairstyle different from what he used to have when he was still into wake-boarding. This Fil-Canadian handsome hunk of Star Magic 2013 is so "malambing" with so much passion to meet people. He takes pride looking up to his father now in the late 60s and strives to manage his life independently at 17. From being a model to a talent of Star Magic 2013, Alex spends his time honing his talent in singing. Aside from sharing his music on YouTube with fellow singer friends, Krissy and Ericka, he keeps his passion in music alive with constant research and practice. 
The two handsome lads of Star Magic 2013 are the teen idols of the youth today, carefree and independent - just like the new hairstyle promo offers of Ystilo Salon for those going back to school. 
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