Ready for school with Daniel Padilla look and Grips Clay FX

Ready for school? In two weeks, you need to look good seeing your new classmates so why not sport a Daniel Padilla look with Grips Clay FX. With its Easy Wash Formula you don't need to worry about your hair getting frizzy after school at less than P5 a sachet! Grips Clay FX also has Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep your hair healthy. 
Grip Clay FX comes in a 75g jar for only Php86.90 and 5g sachet at Php4.35 quite cheaper than your usual brand. The best thing about it is knowing that you're buying a Filipino product which costs a lot cheaper than the leading brand. We love Daniel Padilla as much as we love patronizing Filipino brands. My students are already using the Grips Clay FX sachet as it is more convenient to carry anywhere at any given moment. It's light to slide in your pockets and you don't need to worry getting it off your hands after styling your hair because of its Easy Wash Formula. For more information, visit the official Facebook Page of Grips Clay FX at