Event: #ThinkAgain Bury the Excuses with Speech Coach JC Santos, Isabelle Daza and GSK's Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

Fear keeps us away from everything we ever wanted. I've reflected on my own excuses on goals I should've achieved after attending the workshop dubbed "Think Again, Bury the Excuses" sponsored by Glaxo-Smith Kline Philippines with Celebrity Actress Model Host Isabelle Daza, Speech Coach JC Santos and Dra. Socorro Bernardino of FEU Hospital Ob-Gyne Dept. We listened to Ms. Isabelle Daza who shared her own experience about a family member who suffered cervical cancer and was moved at her passion to push the advocacy forward inviting more women to have vaccination.
The second speaker who made millions out of training and achieving dreams by burying his excuses was JC Santos who at 24 emphasized thru activities participated by the bloggers 3 Reasons Why People Make Excuses. During the Dyadic Speaking Activity, we shared our excuses with sentences we have to fill in to make the other group remember. When taught of Ways to Break Those Excuses, I was happy to notice that I have been living those words already: 1. Live your day as if it is your last., 2. Focus only on what you have and, 3., Do it for the waste basket. I have been living my life the way he was teaching them except that some of the bucket list which I could've accomplished this year was not finished due to my lack of desire to really pursue it.
I have been attending the advocacy of Glaxo Smith Kline Philippines raising awareness on the 2nd most common killing disease in the Philippines, cervical cancer for years. It is a significant cry to be aware since Cervical Cancer is the cause of death of every Filipina every 8 seconds. With no symptoms growing thru HPV(Human Papilloma Virus) in the cervix, all women preferably starting at the age of 9 should get vaccine (at least 3 doses). Immunization is the only way to save women in the Philippines even before they become sexually active. This should be part of the required immunization in all barangays and this should be imposed so we can save more women from dying out of cervical cancer. Cervical Cancer can be contracted thru sex and even rubbing skin in the genitals (without penetration). No one is safe because one way or another, if you are faithful and living a clean life, your partner may have had moonlighting stages he/she chose not to disclose throughout the relationship. I have also learned from Dr. Socorro Bernardino that the Filipino word translation of cervix is kwelyo ng matris, now that's something new. Change your life today! Help raise awareness on cervical cancer. No excuses, really. For more information visit http://gsk.com.ph/