Event: Meeting Annaliza with Direk Ted and Direk Ruel S. Bayani @Annaliza2013

Meeting the girl behind Annaliza made me appreciate my job as a teacher. ABS-CBN's newest Primetime Bida teleserye to premiere tomorrow night before TV Patrol, Annaliza features the 11 year-old Andrea Brillantes. It was an unforgettable interview experience with the Business Unit Head Direk Ruel Bayani and Direk Ted and Andrea Brillantes. We started with Direk Ted who told us how they have prepared for every scene and the location shoots of Annaliza. Then came Direk Ruel Bayani who was so hilarious sharing stories about his discoveries about how the longest running teleserye in the 80s was produced meeting the former directors and creators. Annaliza 2013 will take a modern concept compared to the classic adopted-child-abused-by-stepmothers role adapting to the circumstances of the present.
Contrary to the impression that it will be a dragging heavy drama on its first week telecast, Annaliza will show a lively and optimistic girl which to Direk Ted was easy with Andrea Brillantes well-honed for the character after playing the Young Jessy, Young Kim Chiu and so many other young lead role characters in teleseryes. When it was time for Andrea to be interviewed, she was shy in the beginning. Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza preferred to be called Blythe although she said that it was quite awkward in school and with friends who finds it difficult to pronounce her name right. Blythe was such a normal perky young girl to all of us that day at the Conference Room of the TV Production floor in ABS-CBN. She likes to take after the path of Kim Chiu and she said that the attitude of the actress is what she also wants to acquire in the future; amiable, hardworking and more importantly, kind. 
I saw that while she was waiting for her turn to speak, she played with her chair. At this moment I thought she needed something to hold so the staff will not be scared of her very short span of attention. I gave her a small bear keychain and I saw the glow in her eye sparkled and said "Thank You". That smile continued when it was her turn to speak and gave her the confidence to answer as Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, the child and not the actress. The conversations became more interesting with her honest and candid responses like that of how her life changed now taking the major role as the lead in the teleserye. It was an unforgettable "Now they give me Milo" which to a child is such a big thing compared to how she was treated before doing bit roles. It was such a heartwarming moment listening to a girl with simple joys, She is the daughter I could have had and I was itching to give her a hug. Finally when I had a chance to have a photo with her, she gave that beautiful smile and put her arms around me. She is the Annaliza I missed all these years. I will never forget the Blythe behind Annaliza. Starting tomorrow, we will be captivated with an angel named Annaliza on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida before TV Patrol. For more information, please like the official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Annaliza2013 and follow @Annaliza2013 on Twitter. Log on to www.abs-cbn.com for mall shows and updates.