Event: Are you ready for the first Gala Awards 2013?

Sometimes, you just need "to be there".  Gala, the country's premier events magazine after a year of publication will hold its first ever Gala Awards on July 6, 2013 at OneEspalanade. Gala Awards (pronounced as ga-la in Filipino) was launched to the entertainment press yesterday at Little Asia Restaurant Quezon City. I have seen a copy of Gala Magazine in some coffee shops and since its maiden issue last year, it had grown more networks and more projects ever since. Awardees chosen by Gala Magazine will be based on their consistency, productions quality, audience receptions and effectiveness in promotions. Event awardees shall come in random variety: Culture, Business, Health and Fitness and Special Interest. 
Gala's Executive Editor Verniece Zamora discussed to us all what to expect at the first ever Gala Awards on July 6, 2013. She also explained to those who asked from the press what other topics Gala Magazine features every month. Those yuppies subscribed to Gala are updated of what's hip and what's trending allowing them an exclusive VIP pass at some of the major events in the country. 
The said awards night will be its grand launch/anniversary featuring awards and recognition  performances by the local showbiz industry's creams of the crop on Gala's renewed and continued partnership with production and events organizers here and abroad. A mini-exhibit will also be set simultaneously outside the venue showcasing Gala's growth and evolution from its first issue. Gala is under Northpoint Publishing Inc., catering to the adventurous spirit of young Filipinos. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/magazineGala or log on to its official website at www.gala.ph for further announcements.