A beautiful Happy Mother's Day from P&G Beauty

Waking up to fresh flowers and a beauty product gift was the Best Mother's Day, Thanks to P&G Beauty. It was Mother's Day and I thought of my mom and all the things she used to do for me and the last thing we said to each other the day before over Skype. Today, I woke up to numerous text messages and a knock on my door by our neighbor saying I have a present from a delivery guy. 
It was delightful seeing the flowers and when I opened the card that went along with it, I had to do what the normal girls did receiving the flowers, smelling them. The red box at the side with an Olay Philippines logo was even more exciting. I was surprised to have seen an Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting Cream. Just when I thought I needed to buy one, P&G Beauty sends one box for free. Thank you P&G Beauty. I felt so beautiful and special today. My mom I know would be so proud of me receiving gifts from P&G Beauty. She was the first person who taught me how to use Olay since I became a mom. I am grateful to have followed what my mom has taught me, how to be a better mom. Although she may not be as bold as I am in some things, she had taught me well to be a mom and I know I am a better mom. My friends keep telling me how I have raised my son well all these years. Being a mom is not an easy job so they have constantly acknowledged my efforts. Thank you mom and thank you P&G Beauty. Happy Mother's Day to you all! For more information please visit www.olay.com.ph and like their FB Page https://www.facebook.com/OlayPhilippines and follow @OlayPH on Twitter and Instagram