Event: Wine-Pairing at Winebar 1771 #Cafe1771 with Ms. Cecile Mauricio

Yes, I don't drink but I love to eat. My friend Lori Hampton from Canada was first to introduce me to wine-pairing back in the 90s on Sunday dinners at their house. It was a memorable experience attending a wine-pairing event with bloggers hosted by the socialite Ms. Cecile Mauricio at Cafe 1771 last March 19, 2013. Popular for French Cuisine, Cafe 1771 used to be the Chateau 1771 a blogger treated me to dinner years ago and since they have renovated the place, with more wines and elegant decors and ambiance, the place had slowly gained patronage because of their exquisite selection of food and beverages.
We started with Cafe 1771's famous Buffalo Chicken Wings and Oysters Rockefeller with white wine. A bite of the appetizers served with an introduction how to appreciate wine and how to get started drinking got me interested. The texture of the wine that's so light with the sweet and salty meat was perfect triggering my palate for more. We were taught that to properly enjoy wine, we should first smell it and shake the wine glass in proper handling the glass before sipping a little. 
We moved on to the pasta and the pizza. Cafe 1771's all-time fave Holy Cow Pizza and more pizzas paired with rosewine then red wine with pasta and WineBar Burger served with bone marrow and fries on the side. It was light getting heavy and my stomach was surprisingly cooperating with the process of enjoying the wine-pairing experience. 
The second glass I thought would be unbearable for an alcohol intolerant like me but the dessert wine Ximenez discussed to us by Ms. Cecile Mauricio was just so hard to miss. Cafe 1771's famous Monroe Bread Pudding was a soft bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream on top and fruit syrup drizzle. Warned that the wine paired with the pudding would be so sweet, I took only a couple of scoops and savored the Ximenez sherry wine. It was thick and really sweet perfect for a delicious bread pudding. I've imagined that anyone wanting to excite a romantic dinner in WineBar 1771 would make the evening more enjoyable with such a dessert wine-pairing. Barkadas and groups itching to try a gustatory adventure together may really appreciate the WineBar 1771 Wine-Pairing experience. We were told that they can arrange similar wine-pairing experience for business meetings, gatherings and special occasions. The area flocked by foreigners now are also recommended for events and conferences for the customers' convenience. The experience taught me how to appreciate wine better and gave me more ideas how to spice up bonding with friends on special occasions and celebrations. Most of us Pinoys drink wine different from other countries and appreciating wine-pairing will take the diner to different culture and different countries perfectly matched with favorite people you'd like to share experiences with these days. It is a must to try WineBar 1771's wines and dishes because your friends deserve a gustatory adventure truly leaving you with memorable learning experiences. Get your friends to learn more about wines and bring them to WineBar 1771. For more information, visit http://cafe1771.com/, like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cafe1771.  WineBar 1771 is located at the 2nd floor of Cafe 1771, El Pueblo, Ortigas Complex, Pasig. For reservations and inquiry call 631-7340/4706559/0917866-0442 or 6317339