Event: Neil Coleta, the "New Movie Actor of the Year" at Star Awards for Movies is a Certified #Chic-Boy

Is Neil Coleta a #CertifiedChic-Boy? In just two years in showbiz model-turned actor and Star Magic talent Neil Coleta already won "New Movie Actor" award for the film, "I Doo Bi Doo" at the recently concluded Star Awards for Movies. We've seen Neil Coleta before in TV ads as the Nestea boy who falls in love and in Voice Cookie Sandwich. 
After signing up with Star Magic, he joined the top-rating teleseryes, "100 Days to Heaven", "Growing Up", "Aryana" and now as Asiong in "Juan Dela Cruz" as the sidekick of Coco Martin. He expected to win as Best Supporting Actor but still grateful for bagging the "New Movie Actor of the Year" playing a gay role in the movie "I Doo Bi Doo". His hardwork and commitment to giving his best all the time from the time he started to make ends meet in college paid off. Now he is even more grateful for BNY and being the first endorser of Chic-Boy. Chic-Boy famed for its very sumptuous grilled liempo had chosen Neil Coleta, versatile and truly delicious. Just like Chic-Boy, Neil loves food and he loves the Chicken Inasal at Chic-Boy
Who would've thought that a simple boy who tried with all his might to coach volleyball teams back in college would be the Neil Coleta we know now? He had really gone far and he is determined to strive even harder. When asked if he is a player as the name chicboy is connoted in Pinoy slang, he stressed the importance of respect to women, a virtue of most Pinoy bachelors lack today.
I really love the liempo baboy (grilled pork) at Chic-Boy just like its first celebrity endorser, Neil Coleta, the character actor which will soon be followed by newbies in showbiz. Just like Chic-Boy, Neil Coleta is a perfect blend of a promising actor in showbiz, determined and hardworking, always listening to the views and opinions of the fans. Congratulations Asiong! We will always watch every episode of Juan Dela Cruz and more of your shows soon! Have a delicious Halo-Halo and Sago't-Gulaman-All-You-Can at Chic-Boy, Chicken at Baboy. Have it your way!  For more information, visit http://www.chic-boy.com.ph/ and like the official FB Page of Star Magic at https://www.facebook.com/starmagicphils   and follow @StarMagic on Twitter.


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