Event: #MegaCreations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil and MegaCreations Premium Sardines Spanish Style with Chef Greg Villalon

Sardines in sandwich and pasta. I never thought it'd work until I've tried them and even helping a famous chef demo the "MegaCreations" dishes featuring Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil and Mega Creations Premium Sardines Spanish Style with Chef Greg Villalon at Diamond Hotel last March 21, 2013. Hosted by DJ Danielle graced by the lovely and beautiful Chef Rosebud Benitez, the event started with opening remarks from Mr. Raffy Lantin, Marketing Director of Mega Fishing Corporation and the unveiling of the new variants of Mega Sardines with Ms. Valerie Tan, Brand Manager of MegaCreations Premium Sardines
I've grown love for sardines watching my sugar and really observing Lent and I never thought some ingredients at home can actually be mixed with it. I volunteered to help out Chef Greg Villalon with dishes from his new show on Lifestyle Network dubbed, My Everyday Creations featuring Mega Creations Premium Sardines. We started with the Mega Creations Asian Style Sub Sandwich. Ingredients needed were, a cup of mayonnaise, roasted sesame seeds, tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce, Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil, cucumber slices, button mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and glazed using apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. I sliced the baguette in half and mixed the sardines with Hoisin Sauce. 
After the mixing, I was given the pleasure to spread and layer the sandwich with the amount I pleased. A bite of the Asian Style Sardine Sub Sandwich made me forget I'm eating fish. It was sweet and tasty punctuated by the roasted sesame seeds mayo making it tangy yet crunchy because of the cucumber slices. The bread was perfect making the bite chewy and delicious. 
Next dish we prepared was the Moroccan Sardine and Sweet Potato Casserole. Chef Greg asked me what I understood about casserole and I was dumbfounded that it was more layering than stewing and stirring ingredients. I was right though that any ingredient can be made into casserole. So he made me saute in the pan onions, peppers, blanched and chopped spinach and raisins and set aside. I layered the dish with sweet potato mash and put the layer of the sardines on the next. Two layers of sardines and sweet potato paste after, Chef Greg sprinkled grated cheddar cheese and Japanese bread crumbs mixed with butter on top for the cheese crust. Since the baking takes 30-45 minutes, a previously prepared casserole was taken out for the conclusion of the dish. It was surprisingly not so salty and the texture will remind you of meat. Perfect this week observing Lent, it's the casserole we all need to bring to the beach and outdoor activities. Chef Greg also said we can use other mashed vegetables as an alternative to sweet potato but of course, the recommended sweet potato will make the taste even more flavorful. 
The twist in the cook-off was asking media friends to create the dish upon Chef Greg's supervision. Roxanne from ABS-CBN went up against our blogger friend Jeff Valmonte to cook the Cilantro and Sardines Pesto Pasta. It was exciting and really appetizing smelling the aroma of what they were cooking. When our samples were served, I was happy with the nutty and tasty pasta made more special with the use of Kesong Puti. Mega Creations makes recipes convenient for those who wants to lead a no-meat lifestyle. I was surprised to not even crave for meat after the full-fish diet during the event. All the dishes served in the buffet made me enjoy sardines more especially the bread with sardines and hummus dips. It is time to go back to the sardines diet. Mega Fishing Corporations manufactures Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil and Spanish Style and all the other sardines variants with pride because they do not get fish suppliers, they fish them. From fishing to canning, the fish stays fresh because they observe strict manufacturing processes to better provide export-quality sardines we can all be proud of. 
The Mega Creations Premium Sardines, the recipes and the experience taught me to really take my diet seriously especially now that I'm way concerned about my sugar intake. It is time to take control of your health, as they all say before you let it control you. Maybe you should start the sardines diet especially now that Mega Fishing Corporations has Mega Creations Premium Sardines Spanish Style and Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil before you lose that control over sugar. Prevention is really better than cure. Learn more how to make delicious dishes with Mega Creations Premium Sardines with Chef Greg Villalon's show called Everyday Creations at Lifestyle Network (check your cable operators) airing April 5 at 6:30pm. You can also visit My Everyday Creations Page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MyEverydayCreations for more updates and easy-to-make recipes. Visit also www.megasardines.com for more recipes and product updates!