Event: Lenten Pizzas now available at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo

A great indulgence losing weight just before summer vacation and observing the Lent. Indulging without the guilt, Angels Pizza Pasta Combo introduced to us last Friday at the Makati Ave.branch, their newest pizza offering this month. Introducing their very own Margherita Pizza, available in thick or thin crust dough, fresh tomatoes smothered with special pizza sauce with hefty servings of mozzarella cheese topped with freshly-baked basil leaves. I loved the sweetness of the tomatoes in contrast with the salty mozzarella and other cheeses mixed in the dough punctuated with the sweetness of the basil leaves that creates a colorful authentic Italian pizza experience. The vegans and the elders strictly observing the no-meat diet this month will definitely be happy knowing that it's a healthy treat brought by the Angels (Angels Pizza Pasta Combo)
If the kids just won't touch any pizza with greens and vegetables, Angels Pizza Pasta Combo also offer their delectable yummy Garlic Shrimp Pizza, available in thick and thin crust dough, a cheesy and garlicky seafood pizza featuring shrimps topped with delicious mozzarella cheese. Every bite satisfied my dream of that melted mozzarella cheese stretching from the dough. I really enjoyed the light garlic kick at every bite and it made me forget my sugar problem. It was a trip down memory lane remembering my first Angels Pizza Pasta Combo experience at the Makati Avenue Branch featuring their delectable and healthy Lenten Pizzas. Angels still serves their Tuna Pesto and Angel's Garden Pizzas if Garlic Shrimp and Margherita Pizzas would not be enough to serve your hungry pack this Lent. Grab them now at all Angels Pizza Pasta Combo branch in Family and Big Family sizes, thick or thin crust. For more information, visit their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/angelspizzapastacombo. Avail of their exclusive Angels Kids VIP Card and original VIP Card and get discounts and free pizzas on your birthday. Patronage will give you more freebies. Grab one now! Call 922-22-22 for delivery!