Event: The emotional John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo at It Takes A Man and A Woman Grand Presscon

You don't choose love, it chooses you. I've learned a lot of meaningful expressions many can relate with John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo joined by Isabelle Daza, the famous romcom director Cathy Garcia Molina and the writer of Star Cinema's newest film, It Takes A Man And A Woman last Sunday at the Dolphy Theater. We've expected a fiercer, bolder and stronger Sarah Geronimo that day and we've been bedazzled at her wits and wisdom being able to leave everyone in awe at how she answered all the questions. Laida and Miggy we have followed through the years were characters we have related to in our personal lives and the new movie, "It Takes A Man And A Woman" will show some scenes from their previous movies with Direk Cathy Molina, "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed My Life"
 As each of them shares stories making "It Takes A Man And A Woman" and how they have all imbibed their characters in their own personal lives, the entertainment press noticed how they have both been so affected and moved. Three years after the last film together when their own personal relationships have gone to different directions, AshLloyd or Sarah and John Lloyd began discussing about their legacy in showbiz. The crowd and the press acknowledged Sarah Geronimo's maturity in learning how to be amiable in some of her decisions being so honest and truthful about her feelings about her past. John Lloyd Cruz suddenly broke into tears because of his efforts and his painful hardwork sleepless over the promotion of the movie. I am not sure whether the emotions that also led me to shed a tear was from his lack of sleep or if he had somehow culled some pain from his own frustrations about love because the words were clear acknowledging all women being similar to Laida Magtalas from It Takes A Man And A Woman (played by Sarah Geronimo).
After the two hit flicks in the past, would Laida and Miggy end up together. John Lloyd Cruz was defending the significance of romantic comedy films because of how it had been degraded by critics. Concurring to what John Lloyd had said, we must believe in the Filipino audience. Romcoms (romantic comedy films) are patronized because the Filipinos who struggle everyday to make ends meet need to go to theater and leave with a smile sometimes. For while the meaningful films being hailed and to some argued that should be promoted, romantic comedies bring light and sympathy to those emotionally wrecked. I am definitely excited watching the film on March 30, 2013 at all cinemas nationwide. The part III of Laida and Miggy's love story should get all women and men in love to learn more lessons how to deal with conflict and circumstances. Star Cinema's It Takes A Man And A Woman also stars, Joross Gamboa, Gio Alvarez, Matet De Leon, Al Tantay, Irma Adlawan, Guji Lorenzana, Miles Ocampo, Johnny Revilla and Dante Rivero. The film introduces model-host Isabelle Daza who plays Belle, the socialite girlfriend of Miggy. For more information and updates, visit www.starcinema.com.ph, http://www.facebook.com/StarCinema and follow them on Twitter @StarCinema