Event: Cobo #AwesomePossibiliteas opens in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall with new characters, new Bubble BurstTeas and Rice Meals!

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas serves more than just milk teas now. I've witnessed the grand opening of the 22nd store of Cobo at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall last Saturday with fellow bloggers sampling their newest drinks with characters now in their logo, new snacks and new rice meals. Since 2011 when they opened their first branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Cobo had gained patronage being the only milk tea shop with the most number of sinkers/add-ons to their tea drinks. 
I usually had a hard time choosing which to drink and order since their menu offers a wide variety of choices and with their rebranding, they've made it easier choosing from classic to premium milk tea along with coffee-based drinks and their newest Bubble Burst Teas, refreshing fruit drinks with popping boba (bursting bubbles). Like a child, it was delightful to have a Sky's Special (yogurt based fruit tea with bursting bubbles) with their new snack, Squid Wedges (Php49). 
Their bursting bubbles were different from those served in other fastfood chains and the flavor of the drink will remind you of Jelly Ace treats sure to drive kids crazy. We also had a sample of their Pork Siomai and rice meals, Chicken Chops and Pork Chops at Php99 only (served with rice).
Served drizzled with garlic or sweet and spicy sauce, chicken or pork chops are conveniently sliced fresh and crunchy if you're craving for a heavy meal. Cobo is not just a milk tea shop now that they also serve Snow Cream - shaved ice flavored ice cream with bubble burst sinkers on the side.
Compared to the usual shaved ice dessert in other restos and chains, Cobo's Snow Cream is colorful and flavorful with variety of fruit flavored sinkers on the bottom. It would definitely drive the barkada and your date to bliss at every scoop of Cobo's Snow Cream. We had Creamy Snow and Mango Chill at Php69 (to share size) and it was exciting to snag each flavor with friends. It was fun sharing the Snow Cream with fellow blogger friends after a hearty meal at Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas. Oh and they also serve hot coffee on a cold rainy day. Now it's easier to order at Cobo's now with characters representing each sinker which will give you more choices on what to put on your milk tea. Awesome Possibiliteas indeed and it's only at Cobo. I'm so excited to get a Cobo Burst Tea and Snow Cream soon at Megamall and other shops. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/awesomecobo and follow them on Twitter @awesome_cobo for more updates and promos.