Jollibee employees feed more kids with #BusogLusogTalino

Feeding more than 60,000 Filipino children since 2007 with Busog Lusog Talino program is Jollibee's BLT Program with its employees from its Metro North stores recently relieving hunger of 40 Grade 1 and Grade 2 students from Pinaglabanan Elementary School in San Juan City. Pinaglabanan Elementary School being one of the schools enrolled in Busog Lusog Talino Program was priveleged to have a day of of fun and food. This in-school feeding program of the Jollibee Group Foundation supported by Jollibee Food Corporation's flagship brand, Jollibee made kids happy that day with Jollibee Philippines President Jose Minana Jr., eating rice and vegetables especially prepared for them by their parents in coordination with the Jollibee team. It had been the BLT program providing children with nutritious lunch meals everyday for eight months to further motivate students' parents to be involved in the value of eating healthy with their children. 
The said remarkable parent involvement activity does not just ensure children to develop motivation to study in school knowing their parents especially their mothers will look after them, it also influences the others involved to join in the noble cause to better nutrition that produces better academic performance in schools. The day was even more special with Jollibee hosting a program filled with songs, dances and games. Jollibee (the mascot) made a surprise appearance distributing bags of goodies to the participating students. 
Aside from the Metro North group, Jollibee's other regional business units across the country has adopted the Busog Lusog Talino as one of their primary corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by sponsoring schools in their respective districts. How to participate? You may all help in this worthy cause by donating through the BLT coin banks found in all the fast food chain's 780 stores nationwide. For only P11 a day, a child in school is provided with a hot and nutritious meal. For more information, visit and be a partner in this noble cause.