Event: Yeng Constantino's Metamorphosis with the bloggers

If it's luck or hardwork that gets you to stardom, Yeng Constantino had done more than that to gain a name. I have learned more of Josephine "Yeng Constantino" and her beautiful transformation at Star Records' launch of her newest album, Metamorphosis at 9501 Restaurant, ELJ Bldg., ABS-CBN yesterday with fellow lifestyle bloggers.
If we have all known Yeng as the punk rock singer, she had evolved and transformed to a Yeng we have now recognized. The Pop-Rock Princess of Star Records, Yeng continues to reinvents herself with the demands of the years with her new look, a bolder and a more stylish image even the world is slowly noticing. The bloggers noticed also how she blooms as she continues to reap awards including Favorite Female Artist of MYX Music Awards of 2012 aside from her first stint at showbiz winning the first-ever Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer. Yeng gained her name out of extensive efforts to show her passion in music.
While other artists are busy on vacation, on days that she is not working for a record or a gig, she learned and mastered the art of communicating to her fans on social media. With more than half a million followers on Facebook and Twitter, Yeng should share to other celebrities how social media can benefit stardom. Even before the official launch of her album slated this Sunday at ASAP 18, she had made her fans patronize her newest album "Metamorphosis" which now sits at the top spot on MYX Daily Top 10, MYX Hit Chart and MYX Pinoy Countdown. The album produced under Star Records by Raymond Marasigan continues to hit the airwaves requests with carrier single, "B.A.B.A.Y.", a sad song about her true friend she had to let go with an upbeat tune sure to make everyone sing and dance. And the bloggers did not pass that opportunity to sing and dance with B.A.B.A.Y. and Yeng in this video:
I was really inspired by her constant faith in God influencing the kids (including my students) to use their time on social media to renew love for His word and still manage to lift her career to higher grounds. Her song "Alaala" from Himig Handog P-Pop 2013 is also gaining patronage on YouTube and Facebook. I had to request her to sing a few lines from the song composed by Fe Tianga, Melvin Huwervana and Joel Jabot Jr. because the melody and the words just makes me feel good everytime just like her B.A.B.A.Y from the new album, Metamorphosis. Other original tracks include: "Hahanapin Kita", "Josephine", "Messiah", "Pasensya Na", "Di Pa Huli", "Teleserye", "Pag-ibig" and "Sandata". She told us all that the last song motivates her to write more songs and face struggles in life with strength from God. Who will not love Yeng Constantino, soon to perform at the Academy of Rock in Singapore this year. Do get a copy of Yeng Constantino's Metamorphosis now available at all music stores and online at www.mymusicstore.com.ph and iTunes.