Event: The story of Eng Bee Tin, TxtFire and loving Hopia, Teakoy and Mochi Kreme

Did you know that helping others will give you good fortune? A 101 year old Eng Bee Tin has a great story to tell. It was a rare opportunity meeting Mr. Ube, Mr. Gerry Chua the compassionate owner of Eng Bee Tin yesterday at Binondo. I couldn't match the puzzle pieces of the story behind the fire volunteering and the hopia factory that became a hole in the wall in Binondo until yesterday. Arriving late at the bloggers conference, it was kind of weird hearing Mr. Gerry Chua shared his Fire Safety Tips before introducing the products at his famous hopia and tikoy chain Eng Bee Tin. Here's the interview of the UBE hopia that started it all:
He was too generous serving us all the famous dishes, Soup No. 5, Beef Mami, rice, noodles and sausages which the mommy bloggers love. I was too excited to partake on the hopia and tikoy but Mr. Ube's stories just fascinated me with too many fire safety tips. 
It was after that tour at the top of the Eng Bee Tin building that he started sharing the story how fire safety became the twin sister of the company. During the time that the family business was handed down to him and he was in deep trouble with bouncing checks to clients, by coincidence he thought of making ube hopia and delivered them with a friend's fire truck that brought him so many customers. With the influx of orders and business growth using the delivering with fire trucks, he thought of giving back. "Helping others will give you good karma"- inspiring words of Mr. UBE, Mr. Gerry Chua brought the house down and left us all in awe at the passion and commitment. TxtFire Volunteer started and now with nationwide coverage, his immediate need to spread the word out was a noble cause to get more people to donate fire trucks. He wants to keep business alive so he can buy more fire trucks. Just when the other Chinese businessmen will care less about his unconventional advocacy for fire safety, he wants to keep paying forward by selling his famous hopia and tikoy. 
I have long been a patron of Eng Bee Tin's famous hopia and hopia combi which my friend once bought me and now that they have this delectable Mochi Kreme, I'd have more reasons to visit. 
They also have these TEA-koy, tea-infused flavored rice cakes (tikoy) just like their special tikoy on Chinese New Year we all love, rich, flavorful and definitely no added preservatives. What's best about indulging into rice cakes the Chinoys have taught us to bring families together on New Year's, buying Eng Bee Tin's tikoy and hopia gets the TxtFire Volunteers fueled to save lives on fire. Of course, they would love to hear reports on fire and interested parties may call their hotline at 561-1111 or send a text message at REPORT location to SMART 0918-6888888 Globe 09164888888 or Sun 09226888888. They'd love to have more Pinoys volunteer and help TxtFire if not at least try their tikoy and hopia guaranteed to make you an Eng Bee Tin lover. Have a beef mami at Eng Bee Tin's Cafe Mezzanine at Binondo while you buy your Tikoy and Hopia this Sunday. Kung Hei Fat Choi or pronounced as Kyong Hee Hwat Chai according to Mr. UBE and save lives today! For more information, visit www.engbeetin.com.ph or like their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/iloveengbeetin.