Event: Spreading good vibes worldwide, #BeCarefulWithMyHeart #WorldTour kicks off this March

#SirChief won't let Maya go abroad alone. A heartwarming thanksgiving presscon was held last night at 9501 Restaurant,ELJ Building, ABS-CBN announcing the highest rating "Be Careful With My Heart" on March. With Mutya Orquia (Abby), Vivieka Ravales (Sabel), Tart Carlos (Doris), Richard Yap (Sir Chief) and Jodi Sta. Maria (Maya) the press conference revealed some of what we all never knew about the stars behind the characters. Thankful of the 31.3% rating, highest among its competitors, the Business Unit Head (who also celebrated her birthday) Ms. Ginny also announced that the extension is still in the works and that the plot will not be compromised if the ratings continue to soar and the viewers continue to patronize the said feel-good kilig-serye. 
Since its premiere last July 2012, "Be Careful With My Heart" redefined the Philippine movie audience. Not wanting to watch another drama with crying and spanking in the morning, the ratings soared at its highest with trending topics on Twitter and other social media at Maya and Sir Chief's every move. Aside from the Anak TV Seal Awards of Richard Yap, Jodi Sta.Maria and the program as the Well-liked program for the year 2012, "Be Careful With My Heart" is also named as one of the finalists in telenovela category of the prestigious 2013 New York Festivals (NYF) World's Best Television and Films. 
To give back and reach more audience, Maya and Sir Chief with the rest of the cast will spread the good vibes with "Be Careful With My Heart" World Tour starting next month. Starting March in the Middle East, April in USA and Canada, May in Europe and June in Japan, "Be Careful With My Heart" will be a more exciting feel-good teleserye. We'll definitely anticipate the adventures of Maya chased by Sir Chief and the comic relief of Sabel and Doris with the rest of the cast in all those different countries starting next month. The exciting concept of letting the viewers travel also the world with the rest of the cast may reveal how they all learn from the journey discovering cultural differences and still imbibing the positive vibes the show had kept all Pinoys glued on TV every morning. 
The stars had definitely evolved with the good vibes characters. Richard "Sir Chief" Yap is more interested with self-fulfillment rather than money or fame.  Jodi Sta. Maria also shared how Maya's optimism continues to inspire her to become a better person. When asked which country would be most exciting to visit, Vivieka Ravales mentioned how Italy would be her most exciting destination (because of a boyfriend there). Tart Carlos laughed off the chat and shared how they both cherish their friendship even before the "Be Careful With My Heart" started. My jaw kept dropping in awe to the brink of almost shedding a tear with such heart-warming responses. They have become their characters, inspiring and definitely awesome. It is the same feeling watching the show, always leaving you with a smile and the positive outlook in life. Let us all join the journey with "Be Careful With My Heart" and learn from each character's struggle to face fears we also face everyday. For more details about the cities to be visited on their world tour, continue to follow "Be Careful With My Heart" everyday at 11:45am before "It's Showtime" on ABS-CBN Prime-Tanghali and "Be Careful With My Heart Sabado Rewind" every Saturday at 10am. For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com, follow @becarefulheart on Twitter and like their official FB Page at www.facebook.com/becarefulwithmyheartofficial


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