Event: Open House on ANC and TFC opens on Feb. 23, 2013!

An Open House sure to secure your money's worth will start on Feb. 23, 2013 on ANC! The Property Company of Friends, Inc. (Pro-Friends), one of the growing developers in the country and ANC launched the new show Open House at ABS-CBN last Friday. Hosted by Jing Castañeda and Chase Tinio, Open House is a new show about home improvement, parenting, bargain hunting, furniture and appliance questions, and Family Firsts. Every Saturday at 6:00-6:30pm and Sundays at 11:00-11:30pm on ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) and on simultaneous telecast at TFC (The Filipino Channel), Open House will feature segments to guide mommies and all interested in choosing a home and how to improve spaces with tips and tricks for everyone's convenience.
A must for starting families and mommies considering on getting their own homes that fit the budget, Open House will also feature home improvement tips and tricks for single parents like getting rid of pests like Anay which is not easily detected especially by parents who work so hard and stays home only to sleep. I'm also interested with the bargain hunting segment with Ms.Jing Castañeda who loves sales and bargains everywhere in the metro. I'm so excited on the make-over segment where they'd search for a cluttered pack rat mommy and transform the space into a functional, more spacious and more convenient area. I am a pack rat myself and I am so eager to learn which bolt fits to which surface being a single mom with one big boy in the house.
Mr. Chase Tinio was just so adorable last Friday allowing me to tease him to cook on the show and entice more mommies to a quick fix in the kitchen. He used to appear as host on Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and found Open House to be another show to earn him more memorable learning experiences in his business endeavors. My mom and my relatives abroad interested in buying homes and properties can now start viewing the valuable tips at Open House starting Feb. 23, 2013 at TFC Channel. We will have reasons to save now because of Open House. Instead of spending gas money to explore the city on which properties fit our budget and which furniture fits what area, we can now conveniently watch them at Open House on ANC and TFC. My mom will no longer ask me what color of curtain fits what color of wall because she will watch Open House. Like what Ms. Jing Castañeda said, "Madaling magtayo ng bahay pero hindi madaling magtayo ng pamilya", referring to the value of the family more than the home. They'd be featuring more than the houses at Pro-Friends! These and more will be something we will all watch out at Open House starting Feb. 23, 2013! For more information, please visit www.profriends.com,  like Pro-Friends Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/profriends.web and follow them on Twitter @ANCAlerts and @Profriendsweb on Twitter