Event: The Mardigras,The Megarita, the Mardigrettes and the Fun Bottle Flaring on a Fat Tuesday at New Orleans Resto in Harbor Point Subic

A pre-Valentine Mardigras Party on a Fat Tuesday at Murray's New Orleans Restaurant in Subic. A new hole in the wall in Harbor Point Subic is gathering all walks of life in an ultimate bar experience since its grand opening last Tuesday. It was a long trip going to Murray's New Orleans Restaurant from Manila but it was all worth it experiencing the array of delectable food finds and the entertainment that will relive once was known of Olongapo City - the red light district. 
If you're a gal not into so much booze, New Orleans launched their party good-for-sharing Megarita. Literally a mega margarita in different fruit flavors, frozen, ice-blended with matching powdered salt and dainty straws for celebration, Megarita is just a perfect cocktail. Available in tropical and electrifying colors, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Breeze, Midori, Cadilla, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pink Lady and Electric Blue, New Orleans' Megarita is the sweetest ending to cap off the exciting and fun-filled Mardigras Fat Tuesday they celebrate every week at Subic. 
I thought the huge plate of New Orleans Nachos (Ball Park Nachos) was enough to dare me a huge glass of Megarita. The array of appetizers was just too hard to resist;
Sausage and Onions - Andouille Sausage with caramelized onions (Php210), 
New Orleans Masquerade - minced grilled pork mask and chicken livers, sauteed with onions, bell pepper and finger chilies topped with a fried egg and served sizzling on a skillet (Php145),
Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo Pasta - Linguini tossed in a rich cream sauteed with Shitake mushrooms roasted garlic topped with grilled chicken (Php275), 
Just when I thought that the dishes were too dry, they served us this Mississipi Clam Chowder - cream soup with fresh clams, smoked bacon and potatoes served usually on a sourdough bread bowl (Php 149). It was too thick like the Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, I had to ask for a sweet beverage.
It was in between the bartenders flaming bottle flaring performance and the band playing upbeat songs that we have started the fun chat about the celebration of Fat Tuesday with the boys cheering for the entrance of New Orleans' main attraction. 
Between that loud cheer that got everyone grab their cameras when the sultry Mardigrettes came in sexy outfits that the New Orleans' main attraction dishes arrived. Kansas City Ribs and Louisiana Fried Chicken were too big for a lady's appetite. Fellow mommy bloggers shared the sumptuous ribs and chicken while the men cheered at every jerk of the Mardigrettes on the dance floor. 
Just like the Mardigrettes, the chicken and the ribs were too juicy and tasty, anyone would definitely leave you wanting for more. The party outside the resto was simultaneously held with the party indoors with the band, the bartenders and the Mardigrettes with some other ladies in costumes luring the crowd to lights, sounds and booze. It was a perfect Mardigras last Tuesday at New Orleans and I was surprised they will stage the same performance and more every Tuesday for all people in the area to enjoy. It was like a mini Moulin Rouge with classy sexy dances and awesome bartenders performing in between and it's exciting knowing it'll be free for every diner/customer of New Orleans every week at Harbor Point Subic Bay, Olongapo. Now you wouldn't miss the boobs, the booze and the boohoos of once was Subic. Witness and see for yourself what everyone is talking about at New Orleans Restaurant Harbor Point Subic. Have a sip of New Orleans' Megarita while you awe at the Mardigrettes because it may be the only experience you need to get through the stress at the office. For more information, please visit their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/neworleansph and follow @neworleansph on Twitter.