Event: Have faith in your ballot #Halalan2013 at #BMPMTayoNa

Despite the depressing news that only the rich gets the position this 2013 elections, we should believe in our ballot. This and other inspiring messages from Inday Varona, Jing CastaƱeda, Ms. Ging Reyes and the Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo #BMPMTayoNa of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs reminded me to keep fostering faith in the ballot because of the increasing youth majority becoming active on social media. It was an enlightening afternoon having a casual chat with the Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo Tayo Na Team and the bloggers today at the Executive Bldg of ABS-CBN compound should also remind the other bloggers of their responsibility as citizen journalists. We have known Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo not just a segment from TV Patrol #AkoAngSimula and not just a program active during elections but as a vigilant program helping the ignorant majority of significant news the citizen journalists all over the country advocate for good governance. 
It is that significant coincidence and vigilance of the public majority to report any wrongdoings or any newsworthy photos and videos that link the journalists and the viewers together at Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo everytime. Now with the new campaign #BMPMTayoNa uniting the journalists and the citizens together to report any incident worth broadcasting, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs calls the bloggers to support by influencing the youth online to engage in social and relevant issues related to if not part of the 2013 elections. Supported with an application that works both on Android and IOS phones, Bayan Mo Patrollers have faster access to relevant information to share on social media and fellow constituents. The bloggers are not solely content writers because most of them are conveniently present where news happens all the time. I believe bloggers are also citizen journalists sometimes because they post photos and videos real-time of events and circumstances that need attention by the TV media. Ms. Ging Reyes SVP and Head of News and Current Affairs of ABS-CBN joined us also i the fun discussions of how bloggers participate and influence voters in the social media. They have recognized the power of the youth particularly the new voters who are active on social media and this is one of the most important reasons why we should believe the ballot. 
Before this event, I was startled at the news that BEIs (teachers) like me where dropped off the list this 2013 elections because we have not updated our voters' registration records. I thought it was silly of Comelec not realizing that we will definitely not choose to register because we are not aware which polling precincts we will be assigned next. Considering that new teachers with no training with the PCOS machines will be assigned this year, I simply shrugged off and hoped Comelec will somehow be more sensible in the next few days. I brought this out and the need for BMPM TayoNa team because teachers heed the media to spread awareness on Voters' Education. We have long been the wrong tree many people bark on. I have downloaded the application like the other teachers have because of the convenient Comelec Tab that verifies my status as a voter this 2013 elections. We have also brought out the need to make the info on Halalan 101 tab from the app to be more updated and the significant BMPM Tayo Na tab that links to an email to report with photos or videos with disclaimer to ireport@abs-cbn.com. Mobile phone users with no Android or IOS Operating Systems can also simply text Ireport (message) to 2366 anytime to any networks. ABS-CBN also has a website dedicated for online users at http://bmpm.abs-cbnnews.com/ and Twitter @bayanmo with hashtag #BMPMTayoNa. Everyone can be citizen journalist but it should be reminded that responsibility should be imposed as many posers and trolls on the internet uses the social media for their own vested interests. We are the key to our country's progress and it is our time to make things better this #Halalan2013. Be a Citizen Patroller at #BMPMTayoNa! Visit http://bmpm.abs-cbnnews.com/ for more details and believe in our vote today!