Event: The Hamog, the Resbak and the Bossing at #JuanDelaCruz advanced screening

The national personification of the Philippines will wipe out the "hamog"(street children snatchers) in the country. What sets ABS-CBN apart from other networks is the roster of great scriptwriters that keep us viewers glued every single day. "Hindi mahalaga ang pinagmulan, mas mahalaga ang iyong patutunguhan"- This line from Father Cito (Jaime Fabregas) will not echo in the hearts of viewers all over the world, it will also lift the hopes of Pinoys on daily struggle to survive a day this week, unforgettable scenes and more quotable quotes will change the game in Philippine television.  We will have so many reasons to watch ABS-CBN's newest and most anticipated Primetime Bida Juan Dela Cruz slated to show starting tomorrow after TV Patrol. I was fortunate to have joined the advanced screening with celebrities and press at Megamall last night. Directed by Malu Sevilla and Avel Sunpongco starring Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Gina PareƱo, Joel Torre, Albert Martinez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Neil Coleta, Aaron Villaflor, Lotlot De Leon, John Medina, Lilia Cuntapay, Eddie Garcia, Ronnie Lazaro, Louise Abuel, "Juan Dela Cruz" may seem just another fanta-serye but it delves deep into the soul of Philippine society featuring the many stark realities we face today. On the surface the majority simply enjoying a teleserye will view the beginning to be just another animated film of a hero but analyzing the roots of how the "Bakal na Krus" became the weapon against the monsters/aswang will make you reflect on history. I love the subtle socio-political implications of the "Bakal na Krus" depicted in the beginning but to discuss it further may spring more debates on the separation of the church and state all over again. My jaw started to drop at the next scenes where they showed how Juan became the son of Amelia (Mylene Dizon) and Haring Aswang (Albert Martinez). The mix of good and evil in the nature of Juan will resurface as he grows with Father Cito who will teach him to always believe in God. The scenes will divert your thoughts to laughter at little Juan who will always question faith with the doting priest. The little Juan like any other kids in the street with no parents is innocent. This is one of the most adorable and most unforgettable scenes I throw my hats off to ABS-CBN. Little Juan played by Izzy Canillo removed my make-up and totally made me cry when he is left alone. Little Juan reminded me of my students, abandoned and alone struggling to learn from daily circumstances, finding what life is really all about. The eyes of Little Juan and Coco Martin daunted me to appreciate the struggles of my abandoned students. With Juan Dela Cruz, I am reminded of the many children trying to find their mission in life- their own "Bakal Na Krus". I am reminded to also appreciate the street language difficult for elders like me the kids spoke these days. Bossing is God and the little Juan believes his "resbak"/his saviour is only God and he has to be reminded everyday never to lose faith in Him. Many children should watch how Juan Dela Cruz sets example on the many "hamog"/street children snatchers we all face today. More importantly because the parents are responsible for the behavior of children, the parents should definitely watch Juan Dela Cruz starting tomorrow, because it may be easy to bear a child but being a parent is not a status, it is a responsibility. YUN, OH!
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