Marvin Agustin hopes for a better DEAL in 2013!

They all say you should compete with nobody but yourself. The most popular celebrity chef, TV/movie actor,entrepreneur, restaurateur, entertainment producer and society mover Marvin Agustin hopes to embark on new goals and projects in the year of the Water Snake 2013. He received two important awards, 2012 Ernst and Young's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and MVP Bossing Ako Awards before the end of 2012. Aside from being one of the men behind the most successful food chain SumoSam Foods Inc., he is also busy with his two enterprises, Media Nation Inc. and Futuretainment Inc., events, concerts and talent management companies in partnership with his manager, Ms. Annabelle Regalado-Borja. Endorsing Knorr products, Carbtrim, and Tupperware, Marvin became a famous brand ambassador with his discipline to lead Pinoys to a healthy yet delicious lifestyle. It feels good watching his TV ads with Knorr especially my favorite plug on Knorr's Sabaw ng Sinigang last Christmas welcoming our OFW/heroes. His wonderful smile on Knorr's TV and print ads captivates all mothers to cook healthier dishes. I also enjoyed laughing at his movies this year, "Moron 5 and the Crying Lady" and awed at his internationally-acclaimed horror-suspense "The Road". With his constant efforts to support the movie and TV industry, he was named by the Optical Media Board as Anti-Piracy Ambassador. We have also seen his compassion being the mentor/host of Artista Academy on TV5. He shares the fruits of his labor helping the underprivileged participating in Operation Smile advocacy. He wastes no time to create ripples at every corner. Marvin is the role model of the Filipino we try to pursue. He had done and achieved so much in a year. "I really hope I can do even better in 2013, but really, I have no doubt because I have been blessed with a competent team, " says Marvin. "I really hope everyone will have blessed 2013!" Today as we contemplate on plans for 2013, have we also reflected on how much time we have wasted? Like what I've learned from a SEO friend Kris Tarr, it's simply DEAL (from Tim Ferris' 4-hour Workweek)- D-efinition, E-limination, A-utomation and L-iberation. Marvin Agustin continues to define his goals, eliminate things that slows progress, automate employing digital marketing in his brands and projects and liberate his businesses to different locations. I am forever reminding myself to have the same deal and value  time management every single day. What's your DEAL this year?