Event: "My hero is my lola" - #CocoMartin #JuanDelaCruz Press Conference

Everyone loves Coco Martin. I have learned more about the Coco Martin and the need for a Juan Dela Cruz at his exclusive press conference held at Luxent Hotel in Timog tonight with selected members of the entertainment media. ABS-CBN's newest fantaserye on Primetime Bida replacing "Princess and I" on Feb. 4 will be "Juan Dela Cruz". Starring Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Gina Pareño, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Albert Martinez, Joel Torre, William Lorenzo, Lotlot De Leon, Aaron Villaflor, Neil Coleta, John Medina, Louise Abuel and others. Coco Martin will play Juan Dela Cruz, the son of mortal Amelia (Mylene Dizon) and aswang Albert Martinez. 
The name represents every Filipino all over the world but the character bears a lot of stories in the newest fantaserye of ABS-CBN. Covering Coco Martin for the second time, I've began to stare in awe at his candid and truthful expressions about the character and his personality playing Juan Dela Cruz. I was not aware that he was sincere and bubbly in person although I have seen him accommodating on television. He paid gratitude to friends and his efforts from being an indie actor to who he is now - the Prince of Teleserye and soon to be "the King" as Eric John Salut of Dreamscape called him. Before the presscon, my colleagues and friends were already excited just to have a glimpse of a Coco Martin and now I can begin to understand why. Coco Martin is a role model of the youth, being the determined, passionate and hardworking young professional today. 
When I asked him what his superhero was back when he was young, he mentioned his memories of admiring Jose Rizal and he couldn't think more of any superhero aside from his grandmother Matilda who was able to bring him to finish college although she was old and uneducated. He said that he attributes all his passion in acting and his skills with Lola Matilda as his inspiration. I've began to reflect on the many Coco Martin I have met in school. The kids brought up by grandmothers and other relatives who keeps striving everyday to make ends meet and I have begun admiring his strength and motivation. It is definitely his attitude to persevere despite the odds that made him who he is now and I know I will keep teaching my students the same attitude to better succeed in life. Like Juan Dela Cruz, Coco Martin is going to beat the bad monsters to fight for what is right and what will benefit his whole family. I know everyone is anticipating how Juan Dela Cruz is made since it employs serious and tedious computer graphics imagery (CGI) in most scenes. It takes a long time creating the special effects to make the picture believable and I can't wait to learn more about "Juan Dela Cruz" in the coming days. How do you make a superhero and how will Juan Dela Cruz love the Filipino? Let's all find out on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida on February 4, 2012 after TV Patrol. For more information and updates, visit www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.