Event: Delicious and affordable authentic Chinese cuisine at WangFu Chinese Cafe

We dine for stories and some stories of dining are worth telling. If the authentic Chinese in popular restos just rip you off with the cost and the location is just too inconvenient for friends to gather, WangFu Chinese Cafe in Il Terrazo Mall, Tomas Morato Quezon City is perfect. It was a delightful start of 2013 indulging in what many may presume common to feature. WangFu Chinese Cafe is different. Combining the concept of traditional Singaporean Hawker Center and Hongkong Tea House serving well-loved Singaporean and Cantonese comfort food like Hainanese Chicken Rice, dimsum, noodles and Cereal Prawns, WangFu Chinese Cafe will excite your palate to an experience fit your budget.
Fellow foodie bloggers gathered at Wangfu Chinese Cafe yesterday to celebrate authentic Chinese cuisine and friendship. Hosted by MJ Felipe and the owner Mr. Pimentel, we were introduced to WangFu Chinese Cafe's bestsellers and original offers. When we think of Singaporean, we'd associate the usual Milo Dinosaur beverage, a chocolatey milkshake with Milo powder on top but Wangfu surprised us all with their Milo Godzilla (Php98). They also serve Milo Dinosaur (P78) alongside other frozen delights like Rootbeer Float, Sprite Float and fruits-infused drinks with fruit toppings, BlackCurrant Aloe Freeze, Honey Peach, Lychee and Orange Freeze. I preferred the popular Milo Dinosaur in the middle of the drizzling weather to get that dryness off my throat.
We were told that the name came from a legendary prince and a legendary place in China but the choices of dishes came from the passion of the Pimentels on Singaporean and Cantonese cuisine.  Missing their food trips in Singapore, Hongkong and China, they have tried so many Chinese restos in the metro but they have always missed what this Singaporean chef who creates perfect dishes for them in the Philippines and voila, they've decided to put up Wangfu and brought the head chef from Singapore to Manila. In between the interesting stories of Feng Shui customs putting up a resto and stories of bloggers about what's trending on social media, the dishes started arriving on the table.
 Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php338/1/2 chicken) served with Chicken Rice and three sauces, ginger, sweet chili and sweet thick soy sauce, (bahkuteh), French Bean (Php168) and Black Pepper Beef (Php268). The servings are huge fit for 3-4 people and the price is unbelievably affordable. I thought their Hainanese Chicken Rice would just be like the others, salty but it was bland yet flavorful because of its thick chicken gelatin produced from very long slow cook. The black pepper beef was so soft and tender. Not too salty yet not too bland, the spices were mixed right to excite the palate. The kick of spicy szechuan pepper that woke my senses came from the French Bean, a crunchy french bean sauteed with minced pork and dried chili pepper.
 Then came the Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork (Php228),
 Cereal Prawns (which is so cheap at Php358),
 Soy Chicken (Php198),
 Chili Potato Strings (Php128),
and Beef Curry (Php358). The Chili Potato Strings was so thin it could substitute need for noodles, a dream come true for the people avoiding rice. Amazing how WangFu Chinese Cafe had served their dishes with less salt yet full of flavor like the Cereal Prawns and the Beef Curry. You can actually have the dishes without rice because its rich in flavor yet not too salty to the tongue.
We washed it off with a pot of Jasmine Tea (Php68) steeped fresh right on the table. And just when I thought the meal was over, the dessert arrived. Singapore's favorite crushed ice, Traditional Ice Kachang (Php98) was drizzled with rich strawberry and other fruit flavored syrups with sweet beans, gulaman, sweet corn and other goodies on the bottom.
I could not compare it to our own Halo-Halo because the syrups and the milk crushed ice was just so delightful to the palate. The cherry on top was a visual satisfaction awaiting for indulgence. It was so good I had to order another bowl. 
Finally, the Mango Kachang (Php98) which is similar to the traditional ice Kachang except that it has more mango syrup and less add-ons on the bottom. I'd definitely share the Singaporean dining experience with friends and I can't wait to go back for more of their Cereal Prawns, French Beans and that rich Hainanese Chicken Rice. 
I am excited to try their Singapore Mango Fish Fillet and their dimsum like Hakaw and Siopao. They also have noodles like Charsiu and Cha Chang. Considering the variety of cuisine offered in Timog and Tomas Morato, WangFu Chinese Cafe will soon be a hole in the wall because of their authentic taste and cost affordable for every working Filipino. For more updates, like their Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/WangFuChineseCafe and follow them on Twitter @WangFuCafe