Develop achievers with Multiple Intelligence Theory and Progress Pre-School Gold

Dr. Thomas Armstrong, a renowned learning expert headed last year's 2012 Superkids Conference, cosponsored by Progress Pre-School Gold at the SMX Convention Center expounding on Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory. I have missed the said conference because of my teaching schedule but the said model of thinking in which intelligence is not limited to just IQ, is already being adapted and integrated in the curriculum of schools. The theory of Multiple Intelligence acknowledges that a child is multi-faceted. Dr. Armstrong said that we are all born with the capacity for the the 7 types of Multiple Intelligences- self, people, picture, logic, music, body and word but certain intelligences develop in different ways, and some at certain points of a child's life. 
Nutrition plays a crucial role in the development of Multiple Intelligences of the child and Progress Pre-School Gold, contains Gold Biofactors System which is a unique synergy of nutrients scientifically designed to work together to support a child's multi-dimensional development. Somehow this is the very reason why so many non-performing malnourished students need rescue. It must've been so pricey for some but the benefits of feeding your child the best milk while young will guarantee that nutrition they need to develop multiple intelligence. I would like to recommend Progress Pre-School Gold for mothers who'd definitely ensure the health and nutrition of their tots. For inquiries, please call Wyeth Careline at 81-Wyeth (99384) or the provincial toll-free number 1-800-10-884-2222. For more updates, visit their FB Page -