My Favorite TV Station #NCA2012 #NetizensChoiceAwards #BloggersChoice

Choosing your favorite TV station may be too difficult for non-bloggers as many today rely on local TV signals which may vary depending on location. Obviously, my favorite choice is still ABS-CBN primarily for working so hard on each programs they feature. I've noticed that it takes a long time for them to prepare for a program, a production and the system of marketing listens to the viewers in dire need for an original and well-crafted script and show. I still believe that when it comes to judging the whole TV Station, ABS-CBN is still the best. In terms of entertainment, I have no doubt ABS-CBN has a wider reach on audience and I love that each of the stars have been trained well before going on any stage or any performance. GMA is good at news and current affairs and GMA NewsTV is good at documentaries but if television is for entertainment, ABS-CBN had a good formula in creating a name and a program sure to glue every Filipino on TV. Thank you for the opportunity to have a choice , and If you want to post your own choice on Most Favorite TV Station Bloggers Choice Netizens Choice Awards 2012, read the mechanics here -