Event: What's with Nora Aunor's Himala now on HD?

Marami kang taga-sunod, pero wala kang kaibigan - Nimia (Gigi Dueñas). The miracle of Himala is that the restored version will make you believe it was not made 30 years ago. Exhibited in film festivals all over the world, winner of the Viewer's Choice Award for Best Film of all Time at the Asia-Pacific Region in 2008 CNN Asia Pacific Screen Awards beating nine other outstanding movies all over the world, Himala is a based on a true-story of a teenage girl in Cabra Island in Occidental Mindoro between 1966-1967 directed by the late Ishmael Bernal and written by the multi-awarded winner screenwriter Ricky Lee. Restored by ABS-CBN Film Archive and Central Digital Lab Inc., Nora Aunor's Himala was shown in 69th Venice International Film Festival now being distributed by ABS-CBN. I've seen this film so many times since I was young and watching the restored version of ABS-CBN made me love Elsa (Nora Aunor) more and the character of Nimia (played by Gigi Dueñas). To those who have not seen this movie yet, you are missing the most important Filipino movie of all time. Without the Japanese subtitles, (although the English subtitles were retained), I've become more keen with the details of the screen and the details of the production. The movie presents the character of Elsa (Nora Aunor), adopted by Aling Saling (Vangie Labalan) who hallucinates of the Virgin Mary of similar incidents and circumstances of the youth today without the guidance of birth parents. The presentation of religious superstitions distinct of Filipino culture observing different rituals and reflection of poverty is still existent today. Filipinos are strict Roman Catholics that at the advent of crisis and turmoil, still stick to their faith in God especially on the last scene. A great film to educate the students on Filipino culture and society, Himala should be a required film to all. This can be a great presentation discussing religion, the socio-political implications of characters depicted in the film and the art of film-making. With the restored version, it will be a wonder to watch how Nora Aunor became a phenomenon and a culture at the same time. We have yet to learn about how we all regard our beliefs and how we love our country. Instead of consulting a doctor, we still consult the faith healers today. How many Elsa are there in the country we continue to ignore? Watch the restored version of Himala by ABS-CBN Film Archive and Central Digital Lab.Inc., and be amazed at the genius of Ricky Lee, Ishmael Bernal, Nora Aunor and the rest of the cast today.